Legs Wide Open Sex Sling
Legs Wide Open Sex Sling
Legs Wide Open Sex Sling
Legs Wide Open Sex Sling
Legs Wide Open Sex Sling
Legs Wide Open Sex Sling

Legs Wide Open Sex Sling

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Choo! Choo! Here comes the fist! Relax your thighs and let your partner's hand enter your tunnel. Feel the arm smoothly entering your butthole. Savor the dilation like no other!

If you're into extreme plays like fisting, opening your asshole is a must. And for you to execute it right, you need to spread your legs wide open so that the fist, up to the arm, can straightly and effortlessly go inside. With that said, make sure you're comfortable at positioning yourself. Use the Legs Wide Open Sex Sling!

Suspending your legs in the air without any support can cause too much pain in the thighs—it's like squatting while lying. With the help of this sling, your fisting session will be so much easier as it does the job of restricting your legs.

It uses high-quality intertwined nylon threads in the strap, so you're sure that it's sturdy and won't break anytime while in the middle of a hardcore play. It has adjusters on the belt that allow you to manage your desired length and has cushion pads on the leg and neck collars that act as pressure absorbers.

To use the sling, wear the leg straps as high as you can. Then, slot your head into the arc and rest your neck at the cushion pad on the belt. If the mechanism is too loose, lower the position of the straps to tighten its grip.

Rest your back on the bed and let your partner do the job of penetrating your butt, reaching the deepest parts of it, poking your prostate using his bare fingers, and scraping the walls of your anus. Now that's one hell of a wild, extreme play!

Once through with the fisting session, uninstall the sling from your body. Wash away the sweat and cum and lube residue from it by cleaning it with water and mild soap. Completely dry the strap, then store it in your closet using a hanger.

Restrain your legs from lousy movements while at play. Get the Legs Wide Open Sex Sling and add it to your cart now!


Color Black
Material Nylon
Dimensions (inches) Size: Adjustable
Length N/A
Width N/A
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity N/A