Lucas: Hot Squeeze Male Sex Doll
Lucas: Hot Squeeze Male Sex Doll
Lucas: Hot Squeeze Male Sex Doll
Lucas: Hot Squeeze Male Sex Doll
Lucas: Hot Squeeze Male Sex Doll
Lucas: Hot Squeeze Male Sex Doll

This hot man you're looking at is Lucas. With his oozing sex appeal and androgynous look, Lucas is a model. He's been modeling since he was 16 years old and has gone to many countries like Italy, France, and Japan.

But despite his jaw-dropping appearance, Lucas is still single. He has no time for love because he's been traveling around the world. But when this boy has time for himself, Lucas would go out and flirt around. And for him, that's the only way he could feel loved, at least for a while.

Poor guy! He has no clue of what it feels like to love and be loved. Lucky for him, there are many out there who want him so bad. They want to give him the love and attention he deserves.

If you're one of those who want to be with Lucas, then go ahead and take Lucas: Hot Squeeze Male Sex Doll with you! This buffed guy is waiting for you to love him, care for him, and of course, have sex with him!

With his dreamy body, gorgeous look, and eye-popping erection, Lucas will steal anyone's heart. Girls and even boys will fall for his undeniable beauty. But once he's in your bed, he can be the sluttiest slave or the feistiest Dom you'll ever meet! He can make you wild and wicked as you feel his raging dick rubbing and hitting all your pleasure zones.

However, Lucas isn't just there to have sex with you, for he can listen to you, too. Tell him anything and everything under the sun, and he won't judge you. He'll listen to you until you feel good.

Lucas is a sex doll, so giving him proper care is of utmost importance. Be sure to bathe him at least once a month with tap water and mild soap. Scrub his body—including his raging hard-on—with a soft sponge. Pat him dry and dust him off with cornstarch.

Lucas is one of the hottest men on the market, so don't just sit there and dream about him every night. Make your move and be his forever!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: TPE
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Height – 64.96 inches
Shoulder – 16.54 inches
Breast – 32.28 inches
Waist – 24.8 inches
Hip – 37.01 inches
Arm – N/A
Leg – N/A
Oral – N/A
Penis – 6.69 inches
Anal – N/A
Weight: 99.21 lbs.


Lucas: Hot Squeeze Male Sex Doll

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