George: Boy Toy Sex Doll
George: Boy Toy Sex Doll
George: Boy Toy Sex Doll
George: Boy Toy Sex Doll
George: Boy Toy Sex Doll
George: Boy Toy Sex Doll

Hailed as a hillbilly from the west Mississipi River, George is an 18-year old guy who knows nothing but being a happy-go-lucky boy. He's the youngest among the nine male siblings, so he was treated like the gang's baby and was spoiled to whatever he wants.

Growing up as the youngest, it wasn't easy for Georgie boy. As his family was not quite educated, his older brothers would poke fun and play adult games with him. They'd tie him using intertwined twigs and take advantage of him, making him their subject to release their libido. Yes, he is the boy toy of his brethren. And up to now, they'd play this game.

Who would not be enticed with his young-looking body, curled lashes, pinkish lips, and petite built? He stands 4'11", and his body's like a twink's at his age. His TPE skin is so soft and fair; it's as if it was well-taken care of with moisturizer and milk. With these features, he'd really be the subject of someone else's fantasy in a group of men isolated in a remote place.

During his unusual and odd play with his brothers, he likes getting kissed on his neck, mouth, armpit, and thighs. He appreciates getting rimmed, too. He wants someone licking his above-average, 6.69-inch cock, like a lollipop. He also gets so excited when he's getting assigned as the top in the play, as he wants to fuck assholes as if they are women's pussies. He does all the positions he can—a good thing his bones are flexible as they are made of high-quality metal. He doesn't suck dicks at all, nor allows his brothers to penetrate his booty hole. He's not ready for these adventures yet.

Believe it or not, even if he's a hillbilly, he exactly knows how to clean himself thoroughly. He enjoys going near the river, washing his body and private parts with water and soap. Perhaps it's his cleanliness that lures his brothers into making up with him.

George dreams of going to the city—sleep in a cushioned bed, take a good sight of the urban lights and be with someone who'd treat him differently, unlike his brothers. You can change his life and be his forever partner. Get him now!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: TPE
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Height: 59.06 inches (150 cm)
Shoulder: 13 inches (33 cm)
Breast: 29.53 inches (75 cm)
Waist: 22.05 inches (56 cm)
Hip: 29.13 inches (74 cm)
Arm: N/A
Leg: N/A
Oral: N/A
Penis: 6.69 inches (17 cm)
Anal: N/A
Weight: 57.30 lbs (26 kg)


George: Boy Toy Sex Doll

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