Antoine: Ripped Male Sex Doll
Antoine: Ripped Male Sex Doll
Antoine: Ripped Male Sex Doll
Antoine: Ripped Male Sex Doll
Antoine: Ripped Male Sex Doll

Born from a Finnish father and a French mother, Antoine got his looks from his Nordic ancestors. With his 5'10" height and natural blonde hair, no one can deny he is a Finn-blooded guy.

At 21, he stands out amongst his peers, not only in his tallness but also in his looks. He has this very charming, tame face, sparkling eyes, and extended eyebrows that make him the most attractive man across his age. He could have used his assets to entice women, but he is a peculiar one. He chooses boys over girls to take advantage of his beauty. Yes, he's gay. With the rapid influx of gender-fluidity in his Finnish town, he has become one who prefers men over women.

It's not just a phase; he knows it. He loves and enjoys kissing men, sucking their dick, getting screwed in the ass. He's the wild one. He does not settle for just one sexual partner. If there's a chance, he would want to be gang-banged. He sucks cocks like he's mad at them while he rides on dicks like it's his last time to sit on them. He uses his hot-rocking body, made of TPE with a metal skeleton, to seduce men of his age, twinks, bears, otters, and mature daddies. Well, he succeeds in doing so as he can get to hook up with whomever he wants — thanks to his gorgeous body, six-pack abs, and soft and tender skin.

One thing that also makes him likable to men is his hygiene. He might get a lot of dicking, but he always makes sure that he's fresh and clean before he gets used by men. He does not allow himself to get into some action without washing his private parts, mouth, and body. The same is true after his sexual encounters. His pleasant odor is what he believes his charm, too.

His ass is still tight despite his experiences. Try a blonde man and see the differences. Grab Antoine now!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: TPE
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Height: 70.87 inches (180 cm) Shoulder: N/A
Breast: 33.86 inches (86 cm)
Waist: 40.16 28.74 inches (73 cm)
Hip: 40.16 inches (102 cm)
Arm: N/A
Leg: N/A
Oral: 5.12 inches (13 cm)
Penis: 7.09 inches (18 cm)
Anal: 7.09 inches (18 cm)
Weight: 114.61 lbs (52 kg)


Antoine: Ripped Male Sex Doll

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