Serpentine Eggs

How lucky can you get with a sex toy that's built for the heart of your femininity? With the perfect choice, you can get more than what you asked for! Our Serpentine Eggs carry the best benefits of a yoni egg and more.

As simple as they may look like, they shouldn't be overlooked. Yoni eggs have been in use for so many ancient Chinese women for thousands of years. Originally, yoni eggs were used by empresses and concubines for one reason only: it's to tighten their vaginal walls, making them more pleasurable for the men. However, women soon realized that the eggs also had other benefits for them. Soon enough, they began seeing other advantages that could benefit them, and even more as they discovered the power of the individual gemstones.

Yoni eggs are minerals that are shaped and polished to look like little eggs. A yoni egg is inserted into your vagina until it reaches your vaginal walls, then your muscles contract to hold it in place. Before you know it, your pelvic floor muscles are getting a workout, which will strengthen over time. This workout is responsible for the tightening of the mount of your arousal. When you have a tighter vagina, your partner will be able to savor every moment during lovemaking and you'll instantly feel even more sensitive with every stimulation.

Your pelvic floor muscles provide support to your reproductive, urinal, and rectal systems. So not only is your love entrance getting all the good stuff, but other parts of your body can benefit as well. As you go along with your Kegel exercises, you'll find that you will be able to control your bladder better than before, and you can also prevent certain issues involving those systems. If having a baby has been one of your dreams but having difficulty to get there, a yoni egg can help you on that journey. It can increase your fertility and can even help you through childbirth by preparing your birth canal.

More benefits are in store waiting for you depending on the type of gemstone that you pick for your yoni egg. In this collection, serpentine is a green mineral which is sometimes associated with the snake animal and nature. Its shade and texture go hand in hand in terms of regenerative and restorative properties. In other healing aspects in your body, this stone can help you with detoxifying your body specifically your heart and circulatory system.

The serpentine can also be boasted as a decorative stone. As the stone is related to the snake or serpent, it can act as a protective barrier to any home. So not only can you enjoy the womanly benefits of a common yoni egg, but you'll get more than that when you introduce this to your home.

Browse through our collection of serpentine eggs and let your inner goddess come alive! Entrance your partner with the powers of the serpent and have a gorgeous decoration for your home as well. Be the best sex muse your partner has ever had!