Rubber Masks

Fetish does not only exist in the bedroom. You might not notice it, but it runs the world. It can be any object that one is extremely fixated on, to the extent that its presence is necessary to attain sexual gratification. And it is everywhere.

Fetish and kink are a dangerous combination—but an exciting one nonetheless. This notorious duo is the offspring of bondage and discipline. Sure, the kingdom of BDSM may be dominated by leather, but one must not forget a more extreme element of sexual expression: Rubber.

Rubber fetishism is not uncommon, but it's still worth the time to get to know it better. That is why this collection aims to cater to such a kinky frenzy. Rubberists and Rubbermen gather 'round; because these products are crafted for your pleasure. Feast your eyes on this Rubber Masks collection!

"What is it with rubber?" one may ask. For the true blue fetishists, wearing rubber gives them the feeling of having a second skin. As such, it provides them the perception that they are naked without having to bare their skin. Wearing tight-fitting rubber accessories grants them the chance to create a whole new persona that's raunchier than their usual self. And as you know, the prerequisite of having fun in any BDSM play is the confidence to act wild.

Take your fetish to the maximum level by owning at least a rubber mask, which you can use on your Sub to satisfy your erotic cravings. But be warned: your sexy catsuit-powered sessions may take a different route once you place a rubber hood on your Sub's head.

The use of rubber masks will create a certain level of sensory deprivation that may add excitement and a whole new experience. There are total blackout hoods in this listing if you want to try your hand on some sensual denial. These masks come in different colors. You can choose whether you want to go for classic black or switch things up with white, red, or even orange ones! Are you turned on by seeing a glossy finish? Or you want a simple, matte texture? It's totally up to you! In this collection, you'll have many options.

Making your Sub wear such masks will affect all her five senses, making it a perfect tool to either punish or reward her. But before you chicken out on the thought of taking away your Sub's senses, it's safe to say that sensory deprivation isn't as frightening as it sounds. Honestly, when done with caution, it can be pretty fun. A hood will immediately limit your Sub's hearing. Hence, she will focus and heighten her other senses to know what's going on. Some masks take away your Sub's sight and block sound, which forces her to rely solely on her instincts, making the entire experience a sweet agony.

This collection also houses masks that you can use for Dehumanization play, like ones with a pig's or a dog's face. These hoods take away your Sub's facial features, making it easy for you to humiliate and punish her. Isn't it wonderful how a single item can elevate your whole sexual experience?

If this is your first time incorporating hoods into your plays, make sure to discuss it thoroughly with your Sub. It's also essential to tackle the basics, like knowing if she's allergic to the material. As with all forms of kinky fuckery, make sure to establish safe words and gestures and acknowledge the use of them should the need arises.

Appease your hunger for pleasure by engaging in a rubber-loaded sex act. Choose a mask that suits your Sub and purchase it today!

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