Rose Quartz Eggs

Do you love making love with your partner? If yes, then our Rose Quartz Eggs will make you fall in love even more! This collection of yoni eggs is made to cater to our passionate lovebirds who aren't afraid of trying something new. Trust us, the benefits are all in your favor and you'll wonder why it took you so long to get one.

It's no question as to why yoni eggs are becoming a favorite among women. Their healing properties benefit any female of any age, whether they're mothers or not, and whether they're sexually active or not. Yoni eggs are very simple to use: just pop one inside your love hole until it reaches your vaginal walls and then you use your muscles to contract and hold it in. Keep doing this for 10-20 minutes every day and you'll feel the results after a few exercises.

When you insert a yoni egg inside your tunnel of love, the contraction of your vaginal walls serves as a workout for them. As they get used to contracting, the walls will narrow down and your vaginal canal will shrink, causing it to tighten. This is definitely noticeable and can be felt the next time you and your partner make love. The tighter your love organ is, the better lovemaking you'll have. Every stimulation will feel even better and your orgasms will be ten times more satisfying and fulfilling. If you feel that your yoni egg has done its purpose and you're as tight as you were in your younger years, your journey doesn't stop there. You can switch to a smaller sized yoni egg to continue your Kegel exercises and get even more benefits!

When you do your Kegel exercises regularly, there's more to it than just restoring your Aphrodite's cave back to its previous state, yoni eggs can also increase your sex drive and get rid of those "not tonight" moments. Not only that, because when you're up and ready, so is your fertility. If you've been wanting to have a child for a while but can't seem to get there, using a yoni egg can help you get there quicker. Childbirth will also be easier as the egg can also prepare your birth canal for labor.

But let's not rule out the additional benefits you can get with this gemstone. Our rose quartz eggs symbolize the stone of love; so this type of yoni egg can be a great addition to your romantic nights. You can use the yoni egg and do your Kegel exercises an hour before sex for that added sensitivity in your vagina!

You can browse through this collection and see for yourself all the good things in store for you and your sexual vitality! You can start with an individual yoni for starters, or purchase a whole set if you're serious about Kegel exercising so you have the next level on the ready. With so many additional features for each product, it's up to you to decide on your favorite...or favorites!

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