Red Jasper Eggs

Is the love between you and your partner dying down? It's time to settle that once and for all by getting to the bottom of it...and we literally mean bottom. With our Red Jasper Eggs, you'll not only be able to rekindle the worn out love, but you'll also have additional benefits when you start using them.

In a nutshell, yoni eggs are tiny gemstones that are inserted into your sacred space or yoni. These gemstones are harvested from different parts of the earth and are shaped and polished to look like tiny eggs. Not all yoni eggs look alike as the colors and patterns depend on the gemstone it was made from. Gemstones can be found in mountains, rivers, and even lava; while some of them can only be found in specific and remote places. When you decide to use a yoni egg for your Kegel exercises, tons of healing properties can be felt. If you have a thing for meditation and chakras, you'll be even more satisfied with these gemstones as well.

A yoni egg is inserted into your vagina. Before you freak out, there's nothing to worry about. The egg won't get lost inside your vagina as it will be blocked by your cervix, and it's too big to even fit in the cervix. But if you're still concerned, a drilled yoni egg with a string attachment can be suitable for you for easier retrieval. Once it's in, you'll notice that it's starting to slip out of you. Your vaginal walls then contract to keep the egg in. This is called a Kegel exercise.

Every time you perform your Kegel exercises, your vaginal walls eventually get used to contracting. Your vaginal canal will then shrink and become narrow, resulting in a tighter entrance. This is what will make sex even more satisfying as your natural state has been restored. Not only that, but you'll also feel the increased sex drive so you're more in the mood, increased lubrication of the organ, increased sensitivity and you're more stimulated.

Working out with Kegel exercises also works out your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles house your reproductive system as well as your urinary and rectal systems. The benefits of toning and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles include increased fertility if you're planning on having a baby, better control on your bladder, and possible prevention of certain conditions on those systems in the future.

But there are more perks and benefits as you tackle the specific gemstone of your choice. In this case, the red Jasper focuses on overall body strength and the circulatory system. It can increase your vitality and can help with regulating the metabolism in your body. Red Jasper can also help detoxify and enhance your blood circulation, which can be helpful for those who have conditions.

Our collection of red Jasper yoni eggs consists of different sizes with different styles. You can choose a smooth egg or a ribbed one for that extra stimulation. Aside from the drilled eggs with string attachments, we also have flawless undrilled ones. Pick your favorite and begin your journey to sexual healing today!