Ezra: Anime Cutie Sex Doll
Ezra: Anime Cutie Sex Doll
Ezra: Anime Cutie Sex Doll

Love anime, or perhaps you like girls who are into cosplaying? Either way, Ezra is the perfect girl for you! This petite bombshell has big, mesmerizing eyes that any guy will fall for and a body that girls and boys adore.

She also has a voluptuous butt that you would love to slap during foreplay or even while banging her hole. And speaking of her hole, this not-so-innocent girl is still a virgin. Her sexy back and love tunnel are so tight that your dick could hardly fit in it unless you apply a generous amount of water-based lube. Her tightness will surely make you want to bang her even more and make sure you get her virginity.

With a skin made of TPE and a frame made of metal, Ezra: Anime Cutie Sex Doll can do any sexual stance you desire. You can get her down on all fours and fuck her from her behind. You can also spread her legs wide to taste her sweet oyster. You can also let her sit on your lap as you lick and massage her watermelons and wait for your sweet release.

But Ezra isn't just your wild sex partner, for she can also be a companion. She can stay by your side while you're working, eating, watching, or even taking a bath. She can also sleep with you if you can't sleep at night because you're lonely.
Ezra can also keep your dirty secrets. You can tell her anything you want, and she won't judge or nag at you.

Want to date a girl like Ezra? She's popular among men, so if you don't want to lose her, go ahead and make your move. Take her home with you and bring her anywhere you go. She'll be glad if you do so.

Color Tan
Material Skin: TPE
Skeleton: Metal
Dimension Body measurements:
Ezra A-16kg
Height – 39.37 inches
Shoulder – 9.84 inches
Breast – 23.62 inches
Waist – 13.78 inches
Hip – 22.83 inches
Arm – N/A
Leg – 19.69 inches
Oral – 4.33 inches
Vagina – 6.3 inches
Anal – 6.3 inches
Ezra B-18kg
Height – 43.31 inches
Shoulder – 10.63 inches
Breast – 25.2 inches
Waist – 14.96 inches
Hip – 24.41 inches
Arm – N/A
Leg – 22.05 inches
Oral – 4.33 inches
Vagina – 6.69 inches
Anal – 6.3 inches
Ezra C-20kg
Height – 49.21 inches
Shoulder – 11.02 inches
Breast – 26.77 inches
Waist – 16.14 inches
Hip – 25.98 inches
Arm – N/A
Leg – 25.59 inches
Oral – 4.33 inches
Vagina – 6.69 inches
Anal – 6.3 inches
Ezra A-16kg – 35.27 lbs.
Ezra B-18kg – 39.68 lbs.
Ezra C-20kg – 44.09 inches


Ezra: Anime Cutie Sex Doll

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