Bigger Dreams Auto Penis Pump
Bigger Dreams Auto Penis Pump
Bigger Dreams Auto Penis Pump
Bigger Dreams Auto Penis Pump
Bigger Dreams Auto Penis Pump

Women always fail to realize that there is a lot of pressure on men’s side too. Topping the rank on their list is their ability to give impressive climax to their partner. Yes, men are anxious when women are not satisfied in bed.

Just when you are feeling hopeless about the size and performance of your member comes this Bigger Dreams Auto Penis Pump. This device will blow not only your dick but also your mind!

This penis pump is a product of ABS and TPE—materials known to be body-safe and sturdy. Without troubles and worries, you can use this tool to help improve the blood flow on your dick, resulting in a prominent glans, a more massive shaft, and of course, a stiffer erection. At last! You can offer your partner all these things and more without thinking about taking enlarger pills or going under the knife.

This battery-operated vacuum will exceed your expectations when it comes to automatic pumping of the penis. It is comfortable to use and prioritizes gentleness above all others. Monitor and measure your progress as the machine sucks the life out of your dick with its transparent tube imprinted with scale.

Follow the right steps on using this device to ensure your safety. Coat your member with a generous amount of water-based lube. Slide it inside the tube, and set the control. Let the machine do its thing as you watch your dick pumped. You can try using this thing regularly if you want to utilize it as a training tool. However, it is worth taking note that you shouldn’t pump your penis for more than 30 minutes as it may cause you penile injury. Also, take a break every after 10 minutes to help your dick relax.

The best thing this penis pump has to offer is its ability to be disassembled into parts. With this, you can clean everything thoroughly for safer and more hygienic usage. Wash the pipe with warm water and mild soap. Make sure that everything is dry before storing them at room temperature. Get the batteries out to avoid them from leaking and destroying the machine.

Impress your partner with your tougher and bigger cock. Add this device to your cart now!

Color Pipe- Transparent
Control- Black or White (random color to be sent)
Material ABS and TPE
Dimension Overall Length: 10.24 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.56 inches

Bigger Dreams Auto Penis Pump

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