Phallic Choker Penis Sleeve
Phallic Choker Penis Sleeve
Phallic Choker Penis Sleeve

Can your cock still withstand a long night of play? Does your woman look for something that will amp up your sexual intercourse? Maybe you need to think of ways to improve your stamina and boost your performance. Using a sex toy is not abhorrent!

Why not try using the Phallic Choker Penis Sleeve - the sex toy that prolongs your orgasm and adds a titillating factor to your woman when it comes to penetrative sex. Aside from beautifying your junk, this sleeve will give it a rougher texture that will scrape your woman's inside walls and will help you extend your climax by constricting your balls while having sex.

It's silicone, of the highest quality, so you're sure that you get your money's worth with its safety. It is hypoallergenic, BPA- and phthalate-free, so your sensitive skin down there and her pussy are safe from harmful substances. It is an open-window sleeve, meaning it has a hole on the shaft and has a ribbed design on its sheath. This design gives the vagina the rough rubs to stimulates it to orgasm. At the base lies the ball ring that chokes the scrotum to restrict its outward blood flow, maintaining your semen in your sac and thus prolonging your orgasm.

It's easy to install onto your cock. You only need to slot in your dick until your glans reaches the tip of the sleeve, then put your nuts into the ring at the other end. You can now use your fancy cock to bang the hole you wish to fuck. Just be reminded, though, that for anal penetration, you might want to use a condom so that the toy won't scrape off Mr. PoopyinButthole. Also, it eases the cleaning process if you put a thin cover on it.

Speaking of which, water and mild soap will already suffice in maintaining its newness. But to disinfect it, spray alcohol on it to kill away the germs. You can reuse this toy once it's clean and bright again.

Don't be ashamed to use sex toys in your humping activity - it's revolutionary! Be proud, and get the Phallic Choker Penis Sleeve now!

Color/Type Flesh
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: Fits 3.94 – 6.30 inches (10-16cm) penis
Width/Diameter: N/A

Phallic Choker Penis Sleeve

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