Last Longer Vibrating Penis Sleeve
Last Longer Vibrating Penis Sleeve
Last Longer Vibrating Penis Sleeve
Last Longer Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Last Longer Vibrating Penis Sleeve

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Do you want to hear a joke about my penis? Never mind, it’s too long.

We know how much you want to share this gag. More than the laughter from your partner, it’s your ego that you want to satisfy. Before going under the knife or taking medicines to add length and girth to your cock, you might want to try out using a sleeve to serve you temporarily.

Meet and try our Last Longer Vibrating Penis Sleeve; you’ll be able to see the difference instantly. The product comes in two neutral shades: black and clear. What makes this device lengthy is its extender on the glans. The ring for the testicles provides boosting, resulting in a firmer and longer-lasting hard-on. The snug-fit of this tool momentarily restricts the blood flow in
the penis. When this happens, the pecker head becomes more protruding and bulgier.

The base material of this toy says everything that you can expect of it. It boasts its flexibility above all else, hence the name of its material, flexible glue. It is soft and smooth, making it the ultimate joy toy to use on your partner’s pussy. Other features that will indeed make your partner go gaga about your new dick are the zigzag and helix patterns all over the sheath’s surface. The combination of these forms gives an out-of-this-world sensation she’ll enjoy.

For a hassle-free insertion, it would be best to put this device on your dick during its state of flaccidity. You can tandem use it with a small amount of water-based lube to help you slip it through your dick as if wearing a condom.

Don’t just toss this on your bedside cabinet after use. Be a responsible penis sleeve owner and wash it before and after every use. Make sure to go over all the fringes to remove all stuck residues. Dry it thoroughly to avoid molds and mildew.

Never get scared of using that punchline ever again when you add this to your cart now!


Color Black, Clear
Material Flexible Glue
Dimension Length:
Overall- 7.48 inches (19 cm), Supplemented- 1.97 inches (5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A