Short Hollow Silicone Penis Plug 1.81 Inches Long

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Want to make it harder and stronger for lasting, powerful orgasms? Meet the Short Hollow Silicone Penis Plug 1.81 inch long, a sex toy that is never short of a pleasure.

Designed with a cum-thru hole, it does not compromise comfort and convenience for pleasure. You can enjoy it for prolonged periods as you won’t have to take it off and put it back again whenever you need to empty your bladder, plus you can ejaculate without the need to pull it out. The insertable tip is tapered for easy insertion, then widens at the middle then dips back down right before its neck. At the other end are two stems, each having a tiny ball to accessorize the dong. Grab these spheres during extraction.

The 1.81” length covers the urethral opening located in the head of the penis where it is home to 4000 nerve endings! With the shaft of this penis plug brushing against this spot of the urethra, your cock becomes extremely sensitive to simple, gentle strokes. With every sensation magnified, masturbation is going to be gloriously electrifying.

It’s ideal for the tenderfeet in cock stuffing because this cock plug is only 1.81" long and it's definitely flexible. Made of first-class silicone, this penis plug promises quality build that lasts and endures wear and tear when given the proper care.

Let the mission to harden and strengthen the cock begin by sanitizing your toy. Wash it thoroughly in warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse it out, then dry. Place it on a clean piece of cloth preferably a gauze. It’s advisable to take a shower, making sure that your package and hands are germ-free. Next, lie on piles of pillows and apply water-based lube on the eye of cock, then coat the shaft of your plug with the same lube. It’s time to stuff your cock with great care and gentleness. Achieve incredible orgasm from inside out by masturbating or getting an oral from your partner…and you’ll be quivering with bliss!

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Color Black
Material Silicone
Type Hollow penis plugs
Dimension (inches)
Length: 1.81”
Width: 0.39”(max), 0.24”, 0.16 (hole)