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8.35" Large Hollow Urinary Catheter Penis Plug with Ring

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Here's the perfect penis plug for advanced urethral players! Our 8.35" Large Hollow Urinary Catheter Penis Plug with Ring has the perfect dimensions suitable for adept users! Read below to find out more!

The fact that urethral play is very good at providing heightened sensation, it is but natural that a lot of men are hooked on it! Which explains why a lot of plugs are now designed for long-time urethral plug fanatics! Our 8.35" Large Hollow Urinary Catheter Penis Plug with Ring is made of safe stainless steel, so rest assured that it will not cause any undesired reaction! With its length of 8.35 inches long, it will surely hit you on the spots only these toys could. The narrowest point of this plug is 0.31 inch and it gradually stretches out to its widest point at 0.43 inch. It comes with 3 rings in different sizes: 0.98 inch, 1.18 inches, and 1.30 inches. Wear one ring around the penis and attach the plug to help it sit in place while in use; you can select whichever ring fits best. The plug is also hollow, so the release after the climax is unstoppable.

Stay safe and always use a generous amount of lubricant, applying on both pee hole and the plug. Before inserting the plug, it is very helpful to do some deep breathing exercises to get you in a relaxed state. It can be quite difficult to insert the plug if you’re feeling uptight. Once it is completely slid in, you can feel your senses intensified, firing up your urethra even with just a minor tap. Always clean the plug before and after use, then store it in a clean, dry place.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Penis plugs with rings, Large penis plugs, Stainless steel sounds, Hollow urethral sounds
Dimension (inches)
Length: 8.35 inches
Width: Plug: 0.31 inch to 0.43 inch; Rings: 0.98, 1.18, 1.30 inches