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Jeweled Urethral Dilator Prince Wand

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Decorate your cock while enjoying the ticklish sensation that this Jeweled Urethral Dilator Prince Wand can give you. If you have been wanting to flaunt your package during your cock-beating action, then you have found the perfect gem.

You don't need anyone to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. Put your happiness to your own hands by using this prince wand, some lubricant, and you are good to go. Run your own show where you are both the performer and the audience that ends with a standing ovation and a fireworks display.

This prince wand is not your ordinary penis plug. It features a very beautiful jewel on the base of the plug that decorates your beautiful cock while you enjoy the feeling that your sensitive urethral wall can give you. Lovegasm guarantees your peace of mind as this plug is made of premium-quality stainless steel that is also used to produce surgical pieces of equipment. Its size of 4.56 inches is the perfect size to fuck your cock with.

To start enjoying your Jeweled Urethral Dilator Prince Wand, make sure that it is sanitized well. Put it in a pot of boiling water and use some antibacterial soap. It's also a good practice to take a shower and focus on cleansing your cock and your hands to avoid any infection. Avoid being too excited as you need to be fully-relaxed and maintain a flaccid cock to keep your masturbation session as safe as possible. Apply a generous amount of good lubricant on your pee hole and on the shaft of your penis plug for easy penetration. Your body would tell you if you have successfully inserted your amazing Jeweled Urethral Dilator Prince Wand.

Achieve the most decorated cock award and get one of Lovegasm's Jeweled Urethral Dilator Prince Wand now!

Color Silver with Red Jewel Stud
Material Stainless Steel
Type Prince Wand
Dimension (inches) 4.56" x 0.35"
Length: 4.56 inches
Width: 0.35 inch