Extra-Smooth Glass Rod Urethral Sounds 8pcs Set

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Can’t get enough from only one? Make that eight and get a set of stunning glass urethral sounds. All measuring Extra-Smooth Glass Rod Urethral Sounds 8pcs Set will be your perfect kit to hit the right spots hidden in the depths of your manhood.

The sounds are ideal to gradually dilate your urethra as their widths range from 0.20” to 0.47”. Start with the thinnest then work your way up to the thickest. Crafted seamlessly, they are super smooth to the touch. Their tip on one side is round and smooth while their other end is a ball that serves as a stopper to prevent them from traveling further. Grip this ball when it’s time to move the sound up and down for stimulation or when it’s time for retrieval.

Each sound in the set is made of durable glass, so expect that it won’t break under normal use. A glass sound is elegant, no doubt about that. But besides its elegance, it offers other advantages for the user, too. For one, it’s a non-porous material which makes it impossible for any bacteria to breed in it. This absence of pores makes thorough cleanup easy-breezy. What’s more, glass won’t bring any harm to the delicate tissues of your urethra as it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

A glass sound doesn’t require as much lube as other sounds because it has a silky-smooth surface. Insert it in with the right amount of lube and you won’t notice any drag. Glass can be cold but you can warm it a little in hot water to add some warmth into your urethral play.

Experience luxurious sensation and savor orgasm that lingers on and on until your next session. Spice up your solo play or booty time with someone with our Extra-Smooth Glass Rod Urethral Sounds 8pcs Set. Buy now!

Color Transparent
Material Glass
Type Urethral Sound
Dimension (inches)
Length: 7.87”
Width: 0.20”, 0.24”, 0.28”, 0.31”, 0.35”, 0.39”, 0.43”, 0.47”