Padded Nipple Clamps

Here at Lovegasm, your pleasure is our priority, but we also make sure that your comfort and safety are not compromised. That is why we bring you superior sex toy products that combine design and functionality to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our Padded Nipple Clamps are proof to our commitment to bringing you sex toys that have passed the most stringent standards.

Our Padded Nipple Clamps collection feature clover nipple clamps in different designs and colors. Clover clamps are known for their unique spring system that intensifies the squeeze when pulled. These nipple clamps feature rubber pads on their clips, serving as cushions for your nipples’ comfort and safety.

Clover clamps provide the most intense squeeze because unlike other nipple clamps with adjustability features, these clamps can’t be loosened with screws or rings. And because of their rigidity, they’re equipped with pads made of soft rubber to protect your nipples from sharp metal edges. The rubber used is of premium quality, so expect that it is hypoallergenic. The nipples have very sensitive skin, and with this in mind, we carefully chose the type of rubber that won’t irritate nor harm them.

Clover clamps are intended for the experienced users and for those sex enthusiasts who find genuine pleasure in erotic pain. If you’re one of them, you’re welcome to explore our collection of excellent Padded Nipple Clamps made for your exquisite appetite for sensual, erotic torture. Feast your eyes as we offer a wide variety of clamps that will not only make your boobs look extraordinary but will also make your bedroom play thrilling and arousing.

If you have a partner who loves to pull, then check out the pairs that are connected with chains. If you’re into hardcore BDSM play, then you’ll find some of the most extreme nipple clamps in this collection as some come with chokers while others have cages or towers. For the most intense sensations, why not consider the products that offer to clamp the tits and the clit at the same time? Or why not get creative with nipple clamps that have buckets hanging on them? Should you prefer to be feminine and flirtatious, check out the ones with tassels.

There are a number of good reasons why you should always integrate nipple clamping into your sex play whether you’re doing it solo or with a lover. First, nipple clamps are a sure way to fire up desire. One look at them and you’ll know you have to get down and dirty. Second, when nipples are pinched, and they ache, the brain is stimulated to produce endorphins to fight the pain. This surge of endorphins gives a euphoric “high” that feels like a warm blanket in the brain. Also, when couples use nipple clamps during foreplay, they feel more emotionally connected.

Last but not least, squeezing the nipples with clamps heighten their sensitivity. When they’re applied on the tits, blood is restricted to flow into them. Pain and a dull ache are surely felt until your nips become numb to any sensations. The magic really happens when the clips are removed, allowing blood to rush back into them. As this happens, even the lightest stroke can be extremely stimulating.

Never compromise safety and comfort. Choose a pair or pairs from our Padded Nipple Clamps collection!