Opalite eggs

Gain sexual prowess and intensify your libido using one or more of our Opalite Eggs! We carved these eggs from Natural Opalite, which forms when volcanic ash cools and hardens and shares the same chemical properties as Opal, and man-made Opalite, which is a glass resin composed of Dolomite and metal. These two types of Opalite have the same opalescence and healing properties.

Opalite is usually clear or translucent milky-white, but it also comes in green or lavender color. Our collection features green and mostly milky-white Opalite Eggs. With a broad range of choices, our collection brings you elegant crystal eggs that are silky smooth to the touch. This will ensure both your comfort and pleasure when you place one inside your love hole.

All beautifully handcrafted, these eggs are equally delightful to have, so the only thing we worry about is that you’ll have a hard time deciding which egg or eggs to get. Why don’t you let us help you with that?

When choosing, consider your level of experience. Are you a novice, intermediate, or an expert user? If you have just started out your yoni journey, we suggest that you pick an extra-large or a large egg to work with during your Kegel exercises. An intermediate practitioner should get a medium-sized egg while an expert user should go with a small one for optimal yoni strength, firmness, and tightness. The use of yoni egg doesn’t stop with just one egg, it has to have progression and continuity to make it effective.

Another factor you need to consider when buying a yoni egg or eggs is whether you prefer it drilled or undrilled. We offer both types in our collection. The advantage of drilled eggs is that you can easily loop a retrieval string on the hole for ease of extraction. Drilled eggs also make excellent pendants. Undrilled eggs, on the other hand, are very easy to clean as there are no holes and strings to mind when cleaning them. While some come with elegant stands so you can display them, others come with a protective pouch so you can carry a piece of Opalite for protection and good luck charm.

Do you prefer to buy per piece or do you think it’s better to invest in a set of 3 pieces of varied sizes? There are also sets that that come with massage wands. As you can see, we have great choices for our great customers!

Owning and using an Opalite Egg brings many benefits because the stone is replete with healing properties that promote holistic wellness. If you lack self-confidence and don’t believe in yourself, the positive vibration of Opalite will enhance your self-esteem and self-worth.

It’s known to improve sleep and to drive away the negative energy that brings nightmares. It also promotes respiratory health and purifies blood and kidneys. And, if you have a hard time adjusting to drastic changes happening in your life such as switching careers or getting relocated, Opalite will help you easily transition to embrace a new aspect in your life.

Be a younger, sexier, and healthier YOU with the help of one of our Opalite Eggs!