Onyx eggs

Wanna make it tighter and stronger? No problem! We got you covered. Our Onyx Eggs collection is here offering elegant yoni eggs to help you recover the youthful vigor of your sexuality and sensuality. Be ready to get laid again and again and be wanted in bed as many times as he wants because once he’s hooked to your renewed tightness, no one can ever stop him!

The vagina, like flowers that wither past their prime, loses its natural nectar (lubrication) and becomes droopy and stretchy, losing its sensitivity to any kind of stimulation. As such, lovemaking becomes less enjoyable; driving the frequency of physical intimacy in the bedroom to plummet. Nothing beats the physical and emotional warmth felt after a toe-curling, blissful orgasm.

Yes, orgasm is one of the most wonderful feelings that transcend physical pleasure. It brings a lot of benefits, physically and emotionally. No wonder mankind has never stopped in pursuit of the purest orgasm. So, what if you’re past your menopause? So, what if you’re in your 50s or 60s? Is there really an expiration to having an orgasm? Absolutely not! The only reason why women stop having sex is when their vagina becomes dry. This dryness makes penetration painful and unpleasant. Also, a loose vagina doesn’t respond well to stimulations anymore.

Of course, aging and menopause are not the only causes of vaginal and pelvic floor laxity. Multiple childbirth and pregnancy and obesity can weaken the said muscles. Thus, do not assume that if you’re young, you have stronger and firmer pleasure muscles. There are telltale signs of weak pelvic and vaginal muscles. One common symptom is poor bladder control, pestering you with leaks when you jump, cough, laugh, or sneeze. Next is bowel incontinence—when you can’t consistently control the passage of wind or feces. Another sign is reduced vaginal sensitivity. In a much worse case, lower internal organs like the bladder and uterus, which rely on the support of the pelvic floor muscles, can slip down into the vagina. Scared of having a weak pelvic floor? Act now before it’s too late! Instead of worrying, take one of our Onyx Eggs to supercharge your Kegel workouts.

Our collection of Onyx Eggs features small, medium, and large sizes to make sure that all levels of experience are covered. Purchasing a set of eggs with all the sizes included is a smart decision because you’ll make great savings.

If size matters, we know that other features are important as well. Expect that each egg is well polished and as smooth as silk to ensure both pleasure and comfort. Drilled and undrilled options are also made available. Sphere or egg-shaped, they’ll work wonderfully when placed inside your yoni, and their healing properties remain active when they’re displayed. Graceful and radiant, with or without white bands, they are all replete with healing properties that will surely promote overall wellness.

Reclaim the virgin tightness you used to have and possess the allure of a sex goddess. Attain pure and blissful orgasms that will give you a piece of heaven. Have a beautiful piece of Onyx!