Spider Heart Nipple Sticker Covers

Spider Heart Nipple Sticker Covers

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Do you want to put on a sheer outfit and flaunt your breasts? But wait, don't get caught exposing your tits because that could get you behind bars. Hide your tits under these Spider Heart Nipple Sticker Covers, and get as many double-takes as you want. It's a creative and playful way to conceal those intimate parts. But if you're not into grabbing attention, and you want to seduce your man behind closed doors, these heart-shaped stickers will be your accomplice in arousing his lust.

These spider-themed pasties make use of non-woven fabric that's thick enough to hide even the most erect tits. You'll love the print because it features spiders on their web, perfect for those who have a fetish for this multi-legged insect.

These are ready to use nipple covers as they come with adhesive. All you have to do is peel off the adhesive covering, then place the patch on your nipples. But before you do, clean your nipples with cotton pads sprayed with alcohol. Don't moisturize. Instead, make sure your tits are dry before putting the pasties on.

These are good for one-time use, but you can count on them for prolonged wear. And when you remove them, don't peel them off with force as doing so could hurt your nipples. But if your partner wants to rip them off and you like that, who are we to stop him?

You have the option to buy one pair or three pairs, and they are available at such a great price you won't be able to resist. Why not get as many as you like? Not only are they used as pasties, but they are also great body stickers. Men can use them as well because they, too, have nipples.

Why think it over when you need pasties? Grab now!


Color Black with Brown
Material Nonwoven Fabric
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A