Mermaid Cross-Shaped Sequin Nipple Tape

Mermaid Cross-Shaped Sequin Nipple Tape

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Do you want to play the role of a lewd, little mermaid? There's no need to put on a mermaid tail to tease your partner and look like a horny sea creature. All you need is a pair of our Mermaid Cross-Shaped Sequin Nipple Tape to decorate your perky bosom, and you'll get his or her undivided attention in no time.

We understand how hard it is to bring back your partner's interest and eagerness to make love with you. It takes a lot of creativity, and sometimes, some kinky accessories to rekindle the erotic flame of your sex life. It's a good thing that we're here to help make your fantasies come true. And if you ever fantasize about taking the role of a hot mermaid yearning to mate with a human, then you better get into the mood and wear our Mermaid Cross-Shaped Sequin Nipple Tape. These nip tapes are made of polyester, which explains why they feel lightweight and comfy to use, even if you intend to wear them all day long. They're super adhesive and will stay on from six to eight hours. With their thin structure, they will look discreet under your dress with a plunging neckline.

Mermaids aren't just pretty, but they're neat and tidy, too. After all, they live underwater. So, take a shower and give your breasts a nice rub. Get in there and remove all skin residue that may affect the stickiness of these tapes. After washing your lovely bosom, wipe it with a clean and dry towel. You can place the pasties over your areolae to check how you intend to position them before peeling off the protective strip. Apply the nipple covers slowly, and make sure to place your teat at the center. They can last for hours, but we still do not recommend wearing them while sleeping.

There's no need to trade your lovely voice to Ursula just to get laid. Get these nipple tapes now!


Color Multi-Colored
Material Polyester
Dimension (inches)
Length: 1.97 inches
Width: 1.97 inches