Leopard Print Nipple Covers
Leopard Print Nipple Covers
Leopard Print Nipple Covers
Leopard Print Nipple Covers

Leopard Print Nipple Covers

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Isn’t it fun if you could only live your life young, wild, and free forever? You could be asking the same thing time and time again. Adulting 101 sucks! Yeah, we get where you’re coming from; life can be draining at times—financially, emotionally, and mentally.

But hey! There are some ways you can turn your life around and make it exciting; after all, you only live once. Set aside time and budget for yourself and buy things that would give you comfort and joy. What else would be a better candidate to solve the problem than our Leopard Print Nipple Covers?

With the leopard prints on their exterior, these exotic beauties will bring out your fun and sexy side. You can choose between the naughty round and playful star shapes to cover your tits. Pull out your see-through white shirt or your summer top and let everyone see these pasties on your boobies.

Since these covers are products of soft rubber base material, you can expect them to give your tits comfort above all else. They are also hypoallergenic and phthalates-free, so you can wear them all you want when you want without worrying about skin irritation.

Clean your boobies using rubbing alcohol before sticking these pasties. Remove the peel from the cover and place them correctly. Make sure that they are attached as tight as possible. They won’t quickly come off or shift places on your chest. All thanks to their strong suction.

The best part is you can reuse them, too! With an adequate amount of TLC and gentle use, they can keep you company for a long time. Wash the interior part using your finger. Dab the pieces with warm water and mild soap and rinse them thoroughly. Never towel dry the covers to maintain their high-quality suctions. You may leave them out to dry, and they’re suitable to be reused the next day.

Never let life suck the fun and excitement off you. Make your fashion statement stand-out when you add these covers to your cart.


Color/Type Leopard Print
Material Soft Rubber
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A