Hot Round Lace Nipple Tassels
Hot Round Lace Nipple Tassels
Hot Round Lace Nipple Tassels
Hot Round Lace Nipple Tassels

Hot Round Lace Nipple Tassels

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When you want to go topless but still want to cover the essentials, you need something sexy. And to get that racy look of Nicki Minaj, you can count on our Hot Round Lace Nipple Tassels. These nipple covers can serve you well during BDSM parties or a performance on stage. And even when you're not a BDSM enthusiast, a stripteaser, or a performer, you will find these accessories useful in spicing up your intimate moments with your partner.

Hide your nipples and areolas beneath these beautiful nipple tassels. Black or red, either will look perfect on your breasts. The inner surface is silicone, and it sticks well on your nipples. It has a smooth surface with lace fabric around the edges. Right at the center hangs a slinky tassel, making you look more sultry and exotic.

Each nipple will be fully covered, including its crown around it. And if you're wondering how it will stick to your tits, it's so easy. Remove the plastic cover, place it over your nips, then massage a bit to make sure it attaches well. Applying body glue on the inner edges will secure them in place for prolonged wear. So no matter how intense your dance moves are, the pasties will not come off. But to make sure everything goes well, don't apply moisturizer and ensure the nipples are dry so that the covers will stay put.

The nipples are delicate but don't worry about pesky irritations because silicone is hypoallergenic. And because it's of high-grade material, you can wash it with mild soap and water to get rid of accumulated dirt. Pat dry with a clean cloth, then hang to remove moisture. Cover the silicone surface before stashing it away. You can wear these nipple tassels many times if you take care of them.

Seduce, entice, turn heads! This pair of sexy accessories are worth wearing. Buy them now!


Color Red, Black
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A