Heart Lace Animal Print Nipple Covers
Heart Lace Animal Print Nipple Covers
Heart Lace Animal Print Nipple Covers
Heart Lace Animal Print Nipple Covers

Heart Lace Animal Print Nipple Covers

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If you’re among hundreds of women who despise having to wear those pesky wired bras that promise support but feel otherwise, you can give them up and start dancing under the sun with your tah-tahs hanging freely.

It’s time to ditch the brassiere barrier and unhook your inhibitions. Unleash the sultry leopardess in you and strut your stuff with our Heart Lace Animal Print Nipple Covers.

The use of nipple covers gained fame during the roaring twenties as a response to anti-toplessness laws. Exotic dancers used them in their burlesque routines to hide their nipples as it was considered lewd and offensive. What started as a wholesome notion to adhere to the policies evolved to something more seductive and wild. Fast forward to the new millennium, these nipple covers are a staple on a day to day wardrobes and even in the bedroom.

The Heart Lace Animal Print Nipple Covers is made of premium silicone, so you’ll never have to worry about skin irritations even when you wear it for a period in a day. You’ll be confident of not having a nip slip while wearing this because its size covers your whole areolae. This leopard-printed ornamental piece will entice your lover to dive into your plump bosoms. The black lace that adorns the heart-shaped cover adds an edgy touch to a rather sensual element. Tease him to undress you so he’ll get to taste you more. Forbid him to take it off and watch him go crazy as he has no other choice but to kiss you all around that tiny piece that stands in between him and your erect nipples.

Wearing this nipple cover is easy peasy. Make sure you clean the area well, so it will stick to your skin effectively as it’s supposed to. Skip the moisturizer for now, as it compromises the efficacy of the item. After use, you may wash it with hand soap and water.

Dress up bra-less and let the Heart Lace Animal Print Nipple Covers take care of the rest. Buy yours now!


Color Animal Print
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches) N/A
Length: N/A
Width: N/A