Serpentine Small Nipple Rings
Serpentine Small Nipple Rings
Serpentine Small Nipple Rings
Serpentine Small Nipple Rings

Serpentine Small Nipple Rings

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Your lover has never been fond of your boobs. Although you have sizeable breasts, he never seems to give you the attention you want.

You have tried everything to be noticed and let him know that you have been craving to be touched. But he won't take the bait. Perhaps you need some eye-catching accessories to entice him?

You will get the attention you deserve with the Serpentine Small Nipple Rings. This surgical steel accessory is not just a pretty face; it's durable, too! Plus, the material that makes it is non-tarnishing and body-safe. You won't have to worry about harsh skin reactions even when you put it on regularly.

This jewel has a unique snake design that will steal your partner's attention. But it's not just pleasing to the eye; it also enhances the sensations on the nipples. The slightest touch against the titties will become more pleasurable as you put it on. Even if your man is not too keen on caressing you, all he has to do is lightly graze your nipples, and you are on.

It is easy to wear because you only have to snap the loop on its partition line and slot it through your piercing. But if this is your first time getting a tit tunnel, make sure a professional piercer handles this procedure.

When not in use, wipe this embellishment's surface with a disinfectant. After that, do a second dab with another dry cloth. This practice should maintain the newness of your nipple jewelry!

As your darling sees your breasts adorned with this hoop, be prepared! He might get addicted to touching them from time to time! You no longer need to be persistent to get your man's attention, as the Serpentine Small Nipple Rings shall do all the work in enticing him!

You will get a piece of this item in your purchase, so make sure to add two to your cart if you want to beautify both your boobies! Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 0.39 inch (10 mm)
Width/Diameter: 0.047 inch (1.2 mm) (16G)
Package Inclusion 1 Piece of Nipple Ring