Silver Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers
Silver Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers

If you love putting on a private strip-tease show for your partner, then these Silver Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers are here to put the spotlight on you.

Foreplay plays a huge part in your sex life. It shows your passion,  your love, and reconnects you with your partner. Over time, your desires may decline, but it does not need to stay that way. Keep the mystery of your sexy body by using something to cover it with even when you are naked. Our Silver Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers are the perfect pieces of accessories for that show that your partner will never forget.

There is something about the color silver. It makes any wearer look elegant, and of course, sexy! That is why we made these nipple covers to showcase silver sequins that will let you shine on your own show. When you start to dance, the tassels move along with you and create sexy movements. Your lover will be hypnotized to its every move and every glitter as you perform a show-stopper.

Unleash your creative side and show it through sexy choreography. Tease your partner and don't show everything at once. Allow your partner to undress you slowly, but keep him teasing for more. Use the tassels to tickle his face before you let him suck your nipples. You'll notice how thirsty he becomes after all the teasing show you give him. Seize the moment and take control of the game with the help of these Silver Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers.

If you want to elevate your sex game with your partner, you should be willing to try things you have never tried. Our Silver Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers will help you achieve a naughty attitude. Add one to your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Silicone, Plastic
Type Nipple Covers
Dimension (inches)
Length: Free Size
Width: Free Size
Weight: N/A


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Silver Sequin Glitter Nipple Covers

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