Nipple Chain

Love to glam up your kinkiness? We are happy to invite you to browse through our massive collection of premium nipple clamps with chain! Dare to bare and flaunt your sexy curves with our glamorous nipple clamps that come with all kinds of chains.

If you’re looking for a great way to accessorize and highlight your great upper bod, then nipple clamps with chains are the way to go! Whether you like colored chains or in plain stainless steel, single, double, or triple-layered chain, name it because we have it. So why do nipple enthusiasts love ‘em chained? Well, besides the fact that they will adorn your body, they also encourage kinky creativity. The chains can be pulled to intensify the strain and pressure to add more pain, that’s why they’re perfect for couples who are into BDSM roleplays where breast torture is the main part of the play. Couples who are into normal sex play can also incorporate them into their bedroom activity to get away with the monotonous foreplay. With chains, the possibilities are endless if you are playfully naughty or just a badass in sensation play.

We have different types of nipple clamps in this collection. If you’re looking for seriously rigid clamps that can’t be adjusted and only get tighter when pulled, then go with clover clamps. These clamps aren’t made for those who are faint of heart but for enthusiasts who are willing to test their limits. But, if you’re looking for pairs that are fully adjustable because you have just started to navigate pleasure in pain or simply want pleasure, then try our tweezer or alligator nipple clamps. Dainty designs like heart-shaped clamps with screws are part of the options, too! For hardcore nipple play to complement your extreme bondage play, we got you covered! We have a number of nipple clamps with chains attached to chokers, some including gags to muffle screams.

If you’re a certified sex adventure aficionado, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with our clit-to-nipple clamps. However or whichever way you want to play with your nipples or your partner’s, we’ve got the right set of nipple clamps for you!

Nipple clamping makes sex play exhilarating and fun, and with chains attached to them, they become more erotically sensational. Nipple clamps are applied to restrict blood flow and inflict pain, which many nipple players relish in. In pain, a different kind of “high” is attained, which makes one come back for more. The removal of clips provides sweet relief as blood rushes back to the tits. This surge of blood makes them super sensitive to any kind of stimulation, making even the lightest strokes or licks immensely blissful.

Although they are called nipple clamps, they can also pinch other parts of the body, particularly the ones we consider erogenous zones. Armpits, earlobes, the female labia and clitoris, and the male scrotum are definitely pinchable! You see, they are highly versatile, and all it takes is a kinky mind to come up with all-new ways to play with them.

Look glamorous when you dare to bare! Check out all our fashionable Nipple Clamps with Chain!

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