Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps

Heighten the sensation and reach orgasm even before penetration…Here at Lovegasm, we offer the best nipple clamps for your ultimate bedroom fun!
We want you to experience intense yet hassle-free sensation play by helping you equip yourself with the right and safe pairs of nipple clamps.

That is why we have gathered a wide range of nipple pinchers to complete our Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps to bring you a variety of options that will suit your level of experience, preference, and style. Whether you consider yourself a tenderfoot, an intermediate user, or an expert in nipple play, we got your nipples covered!

All the nipple clamps in this collection have pads that are rubber coated, hence Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps. The rubber coats the metal, serving as a cushion to protect the nipples or whatever part you'd like to pinch from the sharp edges of the metal. The rubber covering also ensures that the clamps stay in place regardless of how you move or how excited your partner in pulling the chains or other accessories that go with these sex toys.

Only the finest quality of rubber is used to ensure that it will not irritate the sensitive skin of your nips. It's also the kind of rubber that is soft and smooth to the touch, making each contact on your skin a delight. To wear rubber-tipped nipple clamps, ensure that your nipples are clean and dry so that the rubber won't slip. Therefore, do not put moisturizer or oil on them prior to any anticipated nipple play.

Dare to bare by accessorizing your chest with a dazzling pair of nipple clamps from our collection. The nipples are usually given very little attention during foreplay, and this is kind of frustrating. The tits, just like other erogenous zones, is a treasure trove of nerve endings waiting to be aroused. But with clamps, the nipples become the star of the show! That's because before they get pinched, they're supposed to be caressed, licked, and sucked until they're erect. This is the right moment to "torture" them with clamps.

Torturous as they may seem, the pain they inflict stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, resulting in "euphoric high". Eventually, the nipples become numb to pain, and when this happens, it's the perfect time to set them free from bondage. As blood rushes back to the tits, you'll feel the sweetest, most arousing sensations. You'll be surprised at how intense the pleasure a light touch on your nipples can bring. At this point, your partner will indulge your nipples with strokes and licks until you reach "nipplegasm". You see, the nipples get all the attention even right before they are pinched.

All our Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps are specially made to give the pain you so desire. Whether you're into BDSM roleplay or just a regular couple wanting to explore pleasure in pain, you can find the right pair in our collection. Turn your nipples into an erogenous zone by introducing pain into your play. And what better way to do this than using Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps? Browse thru all the great nipple clamps in this collection, and we're sure you'll find what's meant for you!