Heart Nipple Clamps

Give the love your nipples deserve. In this collection, we feature all the nipple clamps with heart designs and heart pendants. The nipples are the closest erogenous zones to the heart and should, therefore, be given extra lovin’.

If you’re a collector or sex toys, then you shouldn’t neglect to give your nipples the perfect set of toys to tease and/or torture them. And what better nipple toys out there are better than our Heart Nipple Clamps? Sassy, sexy, and flirtatious, the nipple clamps in our collection promise to give tantalizing sensations which are addictive when applied on your pacifiers. And why concentrate on the pacifiers? Well, like other erogenous zones in our body, they are home to thousands of nerve endings that, when given the right stimulations, will lead to blissful nipplegasm!

Studies have proven that playing with nipples stimulates a part of the brain that also lights up when we have an orgasm during sexual intercourse. This means that nipplegasm is true! Although it doesn’t last as long as genital orgasm, it surely is mind-blowing! Nipplegasm is elusive, and one needs to have the right stimulations to reach it. Here at Lovegasm, we make sure that our sex toys are primed to hit the sweet spots to bring you all the kinds of orgasms you need, so rest assured that our Heart Nipple Clamps will make your heart palpitate, in a good kind of way.

When it comes to nipple play, you can either do it rough or just stay on the pleasure side. Our nipple clamps can inflict pain and torment if so desired. Variants with spring clamps are not adjustable, so these provide more intense pressure and level of pain. On the other hand, we’ve got tweezer and alligator variants which are completely adjustable, making them great for beginners and experienced users as well. If you’re a beginner, you definitely most want to experience pleasure minus the pain, and we’re saying this is possible and totally fine.

Our adjustable nipple clamps have a very simple mechanism to tighten or loosen them. For the alligator clamp, simply twist the screw, and for a tweezer-type clamp, just push the ring close to or far from the pads.

If pain makes pleasure more intense, then go right ahead and have lots of it by using a pair from our Heart Nipple Clamps. Tighten the screws or push up the ring closer to the pads for that ultimate squeeze. We’re sure that you’ll moan deliriously as your body’s own painkillers known as endorphins counteract the pain. When this hormone is released into your bloodstream, you’ll be “stoned” by your own hormones. That is the very reason why a lot of sensation players love to explore pain—they attain that euphoric high without the use of any drugs. Again, if you’re not comfortable with pain, you can give your nips the mildest pinch, then you can work your way up to different levels of pain as you become more familiar with the sensations.

Rest assured that all the products in our Heart Nipple Clamps collection are durable and safe to use. Check out our collection, and we’re sure your heart will skip the moment you spot the right ones.