Gemstone Nipple Clamps

Sure, nipple clamps are well known for their painful but pleasurable experiences to those who try them. But if you're the glitz and glam type of person, then our Gemstone Nipple Clamps can have a charming fit to your personality and most especially in your bedroom!

You're probably a bit fed up with the usual "pain and torture" side of the nipple clamps. We agree that sometimes it can become too much and you just want something that you can show off to your partner during one of those rare occasions. If you've been having that feeling for a while, your body might be telling you to rest easy on the pinches and screams. But that doesn't mean that you have to compromise on the fun and excitement that it gives you.

Clip on nipple clamps are created for that purpose. These nipple toys are heavy on the style and build, but never on the effort, it takes to put them on. Giving your chest raisins the regular nipple clamps can inflict pain and sometimes even discomfort on your breasts. That's more so for nipple piercings; the maintenance and after-care could be too much for you to handle and not worth the time. When all else fails, clip on nipple clamps is the way to go.

Our gemstone nipple clamps are all made from high-quality metal clip on's. They're rust-resistant, solid, and very sturdy but they don't inflict pain like the regular nipple clamps. All you have to do is to insert the metal hoops around your nipple like a ring, and you're good to go! Some of our sets have interchangeable hoop sizes to fit any woman. If you want to add a little kick to it, you can insert a hoop smaller than your usual size to tighten the grip up a notch.

But the stars of the show here are the gemstones. Each clip on nipple clamp has it's own unique and intricate design that you might have a hard time choosing. The designs are crafted from different gems and jewels and arranged into fun shapes and colorful masterpieces. A variety of styles range from simple objects like leaves and ribbons to more complex and unusual pieces like a teddy bear or a pair of guns. Your partner will be in amazed and in awe of the sparkling adornments on your breasts, which can make up for the break you're getting from nipple clamping.

If that's not all, wear these gemstone nipple clamps while you're having some sexy time with your partner. The designs hang at a generous length underneath the clamps and will dangle and jiggle as your breasts sway at every movement. It can be a mesmerizing time for your partner, and your nipples will draw in more attention than they've ever had!

It's time to take a break from the usual routine and rest easy on the rough side of sex. You deserve to sit back and be pleasured without discomfort. Browse through our collection of gemstone nipple clamps so you can do just style!