Clover-Type Nipple Clamps With Tassel
Clover-Type Nipple Clamps With Tassel

Not everyone understands your preference for pain mixed with pleasure, and that’s okay. It’s your body, after all, and for as long as you’re not hurting anyone without their expressed consent, you should be allowed to indulge in your fetishes without judgment. That’s why we’re here to introduce our fine quality Clover-Type Nipple Clamps With Tassel – you won’t find anything like this at the price we’re offering.

Made from hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing metal, these alluring clamps will give you the sensations that you’re craving for without foregoing safety and hygiene.

Our clover-type nipple clamps are non-adjustable. Once they’re fixed onto the areola, the pressure will be intense, so we don’t recommend them for beginners.

They come with metal chains too. When they’re pulled, the clasps will dig further into the skin. So if you’re still just testing the waters, it would be best that you stick to the butterfly nipple clamps.

These adorable nipple clamps are designed for use on the breasts, but they also work just as well when applied on the skin of the upper arms, inward thighs, ear cartilage, lips, the vaginal labia, scrotum as well as the shaft of the penis. Best to make sure that the skin is dry and not lubricated, so it doesn’t slip.

Use as is or with ice to cool and numb the skin’s surface. Others prefer warm lubes to make the throbbing sensation more intense. Whatever rocks your boat, when it comes to nipple torture, our Clover-Type Nipple Clamps With Tassel are your best bet. They’re well designed, sturdy, and attractive to look at. What more could you possibly ask for?

Take your BDSM sex play to the next level by buying these Clover-Type Nipple Clamps With Tassel. We process all orders quickly and with complete discretion.

Color Silver
Material Metal
Type Nipple Clamps with Chain
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A


Clover-Type Nipple Clamps With Tassel

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