Boobie Stimulating Nipple Clamps for Couples

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Fed up with the usual, mundane foreplay? Make a sensational change by adding the right gear. Introducing…the Boobie Stimulating Nipple Clamps for Couples – a pair of adjustable clips designed to heighten the thrill, intimacy, and pleasure.

Each clamp is designed with a screw to allow ease of adjusting the tightness. Fine tune the pinch intensity by simply twisting the screw.

Serving as cushion or protection for your nips is the rubber coating. Comfort it shall provide and will prevent slippage.

Attached on each nipple pincher is a swivel snap hook, which can be pulled by your partner when he gets kinkily torturous. Depending on your level of experience, weights are held by this hook to intensify the tension. If you want to add colorful accessories, the swivel snap hook will accommodate.

Made of heavy-duty metal, these clamps are durable and can withstand beating when they’re accidentally dropped. Beginners and advanced users alike will enjoy them as their squeeze strength can be controlled. If you and your partner have wild imaginations, you’ll discover other body parts that can be pinched for erotic sensations.

Before clamping your tits, clean the clips especially their tips with a clean piece of cloth. Apply rubbing alcohol if needed to disinfect.

Next, make sure that your chest raisins are warmed up or aroused for the most sensational experience. Get them fondled, licked, or sucked by your partner and clip them only when they are erect.

While they’re pinched, blood circulation in these areas is restricted, so make sure to be aware of the sensations and color of your nipples. Release them immediately when they begin to feel numb. Removing these clips provide instant relief and blood surges back to your nipples. When this happens, every brush and stroke is immensely titillating. 

Gear up for the most thrilling sex adventure and relish the mixture of pain and pleasure. Hit the “Buy it now” button today!

Color Silver + Black
Material Metal + Rubber
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)


Total Length: 4.53 in.
Clamp: 1.97 in.


Swivel Snap Hook: 0.79 in.
Weight: N/A