Hinged Type Chastity Key
Hinged Type Chastity Key
Hinged Type Chastity Key
Hinged Type Chastity Key
Hinged Type Chastity Key

Poor man. Have you been scammed and was sold a cock cage that can't be locked? Shame on that store! You might think, "Why would they do that to a valued customer?" Well, lucky for you, you have us. We got you!

If you have this hinged-type chastity cock cage, then we have the perfect accessory that fits your newly-bought toy! Don't fret, as The Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lock and Key Set for Hinged Type Chastity Cages is the answer to your frustration.

Using only the finest alloys to come up with a high-quality, near-frictionless, slick stainless steel, this set of key-and-rod-shaped locking mechanism will secure the hell out of your dick. The set comes with a silver key and a golden hinge lock.

You don't need a mechanical engineering degree to set it up as it requires only twists and turns to be installed. Once you have your hinged-type dick cage, install the lock by inserting the rod into the tube where it should be located. Ensure that the ridges are in line with the hole locations to ensure that it would fit—not too loose that it would fall off nor too tight that it might break once you force-turn it. Once you have attached the rod, try to twist the keys whether it will work; otherwise, try to turn the other side of the ridge when you put it in.

With this device, you no longer need to buy a new set of chastity cage!

Look at you now, jolly man! You've just got lucky that you'll now get a lock! What are you waiting for? We guarantee your order will be shipped to your intended address fast, discreet, and as a complete set—newer than new and shinier than shiny! Lock yourself up and add this set to your cart now!

Color/Type Silver (Keys)
Gold (Lock)
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A


Hinged Type Chastity Key

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