Prostate-Friendly Extra Long Anal Beads
Prostate-Friendly Extra Long Anal Beads
Prostate-Friendly Extra Long Anal Beads
Prostate-Friendly Extra Long Anal Beads
Prostate-Friendly Extra Long Anal Beads

Chains and whips no longer excite you. You're now looking for something that does not require dominance and submission. You wish you could have a friend or even a device, from which you can find the overall satisfaction.

Step up your game and gratify yourself even when you're alone! Use the Prostate-Friendly Extra Long Anal Beads and see the difference in getting pleasure from this toy! The material used in this product is high-quality silicone to ensure that it is safe to use inside the anus. Its texture is smooth to ease the entry to your butt. This extra-long device also consists of eight beads in a series. Each bead gives a euphoric excitement to the inside linings of your ass. It comes in three different colors—red, black, flesh—all of which will bring the same amount of satisfaction that you need.

Apply a sufficient amount of water-based lubricant to the intimacy device and into your butt. Slowly and gently, insert the first bead into your hole, then the second one, until you reach your limit. A piece of advice: put more beads inside to feel them knocking your anal walls. The best way to use it is to pull it in and out until you're so close to reaching your orgasm. Once you feel that the ejaculation fluid is coming out of your cock, pull each bead out from your rear hole. Goodness! That feels so good! It's like seeing a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel! The simultaneous eruption of orgasm and the retreat of the toy out of your butt is just so amazing you'd want to do it every day!

After reaching your climax, clean the sex toy with warm water and mild soap. Using a soft-bristled brush, remove the dirt in the ridges, then rinse it thoroughly after. Spray it with isopropyl alcohol, and then completely dry it. Store it in a moist-free container. Reuse it when you feel like playing yourself again.

Be brave enough to play with extreme sex toys. Get this piece now!

Color Red
Material Soft Silicone
Total Length: 19.69 inches (50 cm)
Insertable Length: Up to the last bead
Base: 2.64 inches (6.7 cm)
Beads: Beads: 1.46 inches (3.7 cm); Rod: 0.79 inch (2.0 cm)


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Prostate-Friendly Extra Long Anal Beads

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