Funky Heart Extra Long Anal Beads
Funky Heart Extra Long Anal Beads
Funky Heart Extra Long Anal Beads
Funky Heart Extra Long Anal Beads

When you think that a true love’s kiss breaks a dry spell, you will find that anal stimulation can do better than that. It will be much more intense; you will still feel its tingling effect even after an hour from doing your kinky deed.

Turn your bum into the mistress of evil with this Maleficent-inspired Funky Heart Extra Long Anal Beads.

The handle contains a glimpse of horn resemblance to that powerful pixie, Maleficent. It bears eight beads set to heighten the sensations around your bum. It comes in seductive black, making it luscious. As a silicone-made product, it possesses flexuous and skin-friendly properties that are excellent for bum penetration.

Before going on a full swing using this toy, you should first know that the euphoric effect lies in the insertion and removal of the beads. Use this toy to augment your quest for pleasure.

Let this baby stay on your buttock as you do your thing on your pussy. The best time to gently remove the spheres out of your butt is when you are closer to your climax. Prompt retrieval will enhance your orgasm as your A-spot and G-spot are stimulated simultaneously.

Remember, the toy is counteractive without proper lubrication. Its high efficiency lies in its relaxed and comfortable insertion. As your backside doesn’t self-lubricate like your genital, it is susceptible to crappy ripping, yikes! To do it, make sure to smother this device and your buttocks generously with a water-based solution.

For a more hygienic utilization or less hassle of cleaning, you can have this toy inside a condom. This preventive layer will also help you add a little slick for smoother insertion.

Clean this toy before and after use. Make sure to visit all its fringes to ensure your overall safety. You may opt to put it to boil for 5 to 10 minutes for deep cleaning and sterilization.

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Color Black
Material Silicone
Total Length: 14.17 inches (36 cm)
Insertable length: 11.42 inches (29 cm)
Handle: N/A
Beads: 1.02 inches (2.6 cm)


Funky Heart Extra Long Anal Beads

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