Dual Head Extra Long Anal Beads
Dual Head Extra Long Anal Beads
Dual Head Extra Long Anal Beads
Dual Head Extra Long Anal Beads
Dual Head Extra Long Anal Beads
Dual Head Extra Long Anal Beads

Who wants a toy that is so beautiful that it scares you? There is a unique attraction towards sex items that can be a little daunting, but you know, it will give you one fantastic time! 

That is what our Dual Head Extra Long Anal Beads offer. It is a cunning physical attribute that is also reliable in bedroom practices. 

A real stand out, this item offers you two separate tips for playing. One end features a lifelike dildo with lines throughout the shaft, while the other side is an anal beaded probe. These beads along the rod are in different sizes, adding not just beauty but also texture to the product. This pattern will create the sexiest rhythm as it passes through your sweet spots. 

What's more, this piece makes use of the highest-quality TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomers. This material is a reliable medium if you want to feel a realistic texture in your ass. It is hypoallergenic, too. You won't have to worry about harsh skin reactions.

The massive 16.67 inch-shaft is not for the faint-hearted, so you have to prepare for each anal session. Ensure you have a clean anal canal and make a trip to the bathroom 30 minutes before the deed. Wash the item with tap water and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes. 

Adding a lube is essential to make the insertion comfortable. Insertion should be done slowly for safe play. 

Pleasure yourself as the toy will gladly caress your backside. When you feel like a climax is about to explode, remove the plug out! This action will make the most erotic 'pop' as the beads pass through your sphincter. This effect will intensify your release a hundred times. 

 Give yourself what you deserve. Grab this beautiful piece today by clicking the “Add to Cart” button!

Color Black
Material TPE
Total Length: 16.67 inches
Insertable length:
Anal Dildo - 7.81 inches
Anal Beads - 8.86 inches
Anal Beads: N/A
Anal Dildo: 2.48 inches


Dual Head Extra Long Anal Beads

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