Double Ended Stimulation Blue Anal Beads
Double Ended Stimulation Blue Anal Beads
Double Ended Stimulation Blue Anal Beads
Double Ended Stimulation Blue Anal Beads

Settling for one isn't just enough for some people. You always want to have a choice or keep your options open. Two mouthwatering flavors in one cone of ice cream, doesn't that sound delicious? We couldn't agree more.

That is why we'd like to offer you our Double Ended Stimulation Blue Anal Beads and give your bed routines some appetizing, bootylicious pleasure. Well, it's a good thing that this toy offers you not just one, but two ways of giving your butt a lustful satisfaction.

This double-ended flexible dildo features two insertable shafts - one has a realistic form, while the other one has a beaded design. If you're a sexually adventurous woman, you can use the phallus-shaped end for vaginal penetration and use the bead-shaped one for some popping anal stimulation. Take a deep plunge into dual stimulation and massage your clit while you're at it too. Orgasm will feel extra-sweet and delightful as you slowly pull beads out from your butthole. However, be mindful and don't use the same stick for both vaginal and anal, as doing so may result in an embarrassing infection. Let your imagination transcend and try different positions you can imagine. Don't worry, as this kinky tool is TPE, so it has dependable durability and flexibility.

If you want a hassle-free cleanup, you can wrap this sex toy with a condom before use. TPE toys are compatible with water-based lube. Make sure to use lots of it and cover the entire toy's surface before the session. To sanitize this blue toy, you can use water and sex toy cleaner. Pat it dry with a lint-free cloth and dust it off with cornstarch. You can also keep it germ-free by keeping it separate from other sex toys.

Fill your growing hunger for lust and pleasure. Get this now and light up your bedroom with orgasmic wonder.

Color Blue
Material TPE
Total Length: 17.72 inches (450 mm)
Insertable length: 6.30 inches (160 mm)
Realistic End: 1.30 inches (33 mm)
Beaded End: 1.18 inches (30 mm)

Double Ended Stimulation Blue Anal Beads

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