Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads

 Circles are associated with continuity, infinity, limitlessness, and endlessness as it has no fixed endpoint along its plane. But definitely, this shape has always a starting point - the center. Like in choosing sex toys, you must know where to start to be able to have a direction on your next course.

You must try what suits novice users like you with our Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads. This toy is best for amateurs who wish to add kinky elements in their self-play.

The material used in this cute device is high-quality silicone that is soft and extremely bendable - a perfect tool to penetrate your bootyhole. Its texture is so smooth that it guarantees the safety of your inside walls down once you put it in.

It comes with ten beads that increase their size every two spherules on the series - producing five different sizes of circles on the entire sex toy. Finally, the link has a circular handle, too, for easy pullout once all the beads are inside the hole.

The toy is user-friendly - it just takes putting in and out of your asshole to use it. Make sure to apply a sufficient amount of water-based lube in your butt and the toy before playing.

Once totally greased, insert the smallest bead into your trench, following by the second one and so on, until you reach the last and biggest orb.

Using the handle, slowly pull it out from your butt and feel each bead whack and roll against your anus' walls. If you feel like you're going to cum, try controlling your orgasm and eject it while you're pulling the link from your behind. You'll experience the richest, euphoric, and most gratifying climax in the history of histories!

After resting from the very pleasurable explosion, clean your sex toy with water and mild soap. Rub all the ribs, then disinfect it with alcohol. Completely dry it with a piece of cloth then store it with your other intimate products after.

There is no limit in reusing the Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads. Get yours now - it's worth your money!

Color Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, (comes in random color)
Material Silicone
Total Length: 13 inches
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: N/A
Beads: N/A (ten beads - increase sizes every two beads)


Beginner Perfect Jelly Anal Beads

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