Lepidolite eggs

Have you lost your interest in sex because your love hole has become dry, lose, and less sensitive to stimulations? You can make it tight and moist again with the help of our Lepidolite Eggs! Our collection of Lepidolite Eggs features elegant lilac egg-shaped pieces of natural Lepidolite. Each is beautifully handcrafted only by skillful gemstone carvers, and their shimmery luster proves that they are well polished. The manufacturing process doesn’t involve harmful chemical enhancers as these stones are intended to be inserted inside your delicate petals.

Being a woman can be overwhelming but many of the women we know age with grace and proclaim their sex life is still going great! Wanna know their secret? Luckily, this is no longer a secret to us as we have tried and proven that yoni eggs, when used to assist in our Kegels, can tone and strengthen the PC muscles and can bring back the youthful condition of our v-hole. A few moons of Kegel workout with one of our Lepidolite Eggs and your love hole will become extra titillated to all kinds of stimulations and will be juicy right before penetration begins.

Besides reclaiming glorious and blissful pleasure, you’ll also benefit from having dense and strong PC muscles as you’ll have better bladder control and stronger pelvic floor that will prevent lower organ prolapse as well. These eggs will not only prepare your canal to ease childbirth but will also ensure that you’ll recover faster after delivery. If you’re experiencing menstrual problems, a Lepidolite egg will definitely help you overcome them. (Just remember that during your monthly period, doing a Kegel workout is not advisable.)

Lepidolite is a great stone material for a yoni egg because it's infused with positive vibration and healing properties. In fact, it is packed with lithium, a natural compound used in prescription drugs to treat anxiety. Also, this lithium found in Lepidolite is effective in relieving stress and in combating depression. Carrying or wearing a piece of Lepidolite can temper fiery emotions like anger and jealousy. If you have been deprived of sleep, place a Lepidolite yoni egg on your nightstand. Thankfully, some of our Lepidolite eggs come with elegant stands to keep them activated and displayed.

Sphere or egg-shaped, a Lepidolite egg is placed inside the vagina to engage the right group of muscles during a Kegel exercise. These are the same muscles involved when you try to stop midstream urination. Gently push one of the lilac eggs into your vaginal canal, then clench the egg for five seconds and relax for a count of five. Focus on the pelvic floor muscles, ensuring that the muscles in your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks remain relaxed.  Spend 20 minutes with your yoni egg each day for the best results.

Do not allow the passage of time to take away your happiness and make your “flower” wither. With the help of one of our Lepidolite Eggs, you’ll be able to reclaim pussy tightness that is naturally moist and deliciously firm. Surprise your man with a tight grip and he’ll be on a climactic brink. Get to know our Lepidolite Eggs and you’ll fall in love with them.