large ben wa balls

Ben Wa Balls—the first time you probably heard of or saw them was when you watched “50 Shades of Grey”. These balls also go by other names—geisha balls, orgasm balls, pleasure balls, or Kegel balls. Sure enough, we were given a glimpse of what these balls can do when Christian inserted one into Anastacia’s pussy to make it (the pussy) in full anticipation of the final act. And true enough, the whole time it was inside Anastacia's twat, they were both really horny and couldn't wait for the party to end, so they excused themselves for some quickie. Because of this scene, a lot of us got the notion that Ben Wa Balls are meant to make sex appetizing and exciting, and wearing one is a complete turn on for both the man and the woman. While this is totally true, Ben Wa Balls aren’t just made to excite; they are designed to bring in more benefits.

The pelvic floor is usually compromised and weakened during pregnancy and childbirth, hence the need to strengthen it back to resolve urinary incontinence issues and to prevent prolapse by making the pelvic floor firm and solid to support the urethra, bladder, and bowel. Aging and menopause are also natural causes of pelvic and vaginal muscle degeneration. And when this weakening of muscles is left ignored, there will be health risks and you’ll be saying goodbye to great sex, too.

Don’t let this happen! You can make your pelvic floor strong and your vaginal wall in great shape again with Ben Wa Balls assisting during your Kegel workouts! The real secret to having powerful orgasms is having a tight twat and this is achieved through consistent Kegel exercises, and Ben Wa Balls are meant to supercharge the pussy-tightening regimen.

Simply put one or two connected balls inside your vagina, then squeeze the ball/s with your muscles for a count of five. Release and relax for five seconds. Repeating these simple steps a few times a day will strengthen the targeted muscles which can intensify sexual pleasure, improve bladder control, and help resolve other medical problems.  If you’re experiencing leaks when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or jump or if your vagina has become loose and less sensitive to stimulations, it’s high time to begin your Kegel workout with one of our Large Ben Wa Balls. Large-sized pleasure balls are typically advised for beginners, especially to those who are in their 30s. Big balls are a great way to start with as they are easy to hold in.

The collection features a variety of color and designs which will surely appeal to your discriminating taste. While some are tough like metal Ben Wa Balls, there are a few flexible and squeezable balls because they’re purely made of silicone. Other Ben Wa Balls that you’ll come across in this collection are made of ABS fully covered in silicone, and some can be removed from their silicone harness. Silicone and ABS are premium materials that do not harm delicate, inner tissues.

Longing to feel his thrusts like you used to and achieve intense orgasms that will last and linger? You really don’t have to think twice because the answer to these questions is always a “YES”. Don’t deprive and starve yourself of carnal pleasure. Browse through the collection, and you'll be inspired to tighten your pussy.

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