Labradorite eggs

Iridescent and brilliant, Labradorite was thought to have been formed by the cold fires of Aurora Borealis. In this regard, it was named as the Stone of Magic because it’s the crystal used by shamans, diviners, healers, and those who are in pursuit of knowledge and guidance. It’s also considered the most potent protector of the mineral kingdom as it shields the aura and boosts natural energies from within.

Displaying a brilliant play of colors, Labradorite is valued for its remarkable holistic healing properties. It was discovered in Labrador, Canada, hence the name Labradorite. This stone, which is common in gray-green, dark gray, black or grayish-white hues, contains internal fractures that reflect light back and forth, creating magnificent flashes of colors ranging from blue, gold, pale green, to coppery red.

Anyone who wears or carries a piece of this stone will develop a better relationship with his clients and customers. And if you think you have negative personality traits that weaken your positive energy, leaving you feeling depressed, own a Labradorite stone to temper these qualities.

Labradorite is also believed to possess health-boosting properties. For one, it improves the condition of the lungs. It is also said that this stone can promote better digestion, regulation, and metabolism. It has even become more popular when people discovered that it can treat brain disorders, promote mental acuity, and knock off depression and anxiety.

The splendid iridescence of the stone can inspire new ideas and encourage imagination. It also has the power to rekindle joy and spontaneity. Since it is infused with holistic healing benefits, we would like you to have your own piece of this remarkable stone in the form of a versatile yoni egg.

As such, we have created a wonderful collection of Labradorite Eggs, which were all beautifully handcrafted with great care. Their silky-smooth surface makes them pleasurable and comfortable to wear inside the vagina during a Kegel workout.

Being a woman, mother, and wife, you need the help of a yoni egg to keep your reproductive organ healthy and your petals youthful and moist. All it takes is to put the egg inside the vaginal canal to effectively engage the right group of muscles to clench and release the egg. This simple process will strengthen and tone the PC muscles when done 20 minutes a day, except when you have your monthly period.

We’ve made sure that whatever level of experience you have, you get to own a Labradorite yoni egg of your own, that’s why they come in a range of sizes. Extra-large and large are intended for beginners, medium for intermediate practitioners, and small for expert users.

Let’s face it, ladies. Our vagina becomes saggy, loose, and dry over time due to some inevitable factors such as menopause, childbirth, and aging. Inevitable as they are, we have an effective tool to combat their effects and that is a yoni egg. Why not make that a Labradorite Egg for the best results? We, therefore, invite you to check out every Labradorite Egg featured in our collection and be ready to be awe-struck!