Pleasure Me Paddle
Pleasure Me Paddle
Pleasure Me Paddle
Pleasure Me Paddle
Pleasure Me Paddle
The sweet surrender of giving your lover the power to dominate you is intoxicating. If you haven't had the chance to indulge in the satisfying feeling of making love to your honey in full submissive mode, then you are missing out on a great sexual adventure.

The carnal play of pleasure and pain is a great way to spice up the whole erotic encounter. That is why we have added these types of toys to help you in your quest to having the best time in bed.

Our Naughty Me Spanking Paddle is a great toy that will mesh your dom-sub role-playing together and give it your very own touch. Crafted from high-quality PU leather, you will love the luxe feeling of this piece on your skin as this material is smooth and very durable. PU leather is also hypoallergenic and nonporous, making it body-safe and very easy to clean up after every use.

Additionally, we have added the word SLUT across the tool, making it the perfect statement piece in your bondage play. If you are starting on this amazing bondage journey, then you are in the perfect page as this device can be in your full control. A little flirty smack is all it takes to make your vanilla style very tasteful and enthralling.

Additionally, you will love the erotic sound that this tool will create as you wank your lover. Every pound will create a sensual blow and prolong the erotic release as you will both have something to distract yourselves with. More prolonged sexual playing only means two things, and that is longer happiness and a stronger climax.

Do not forget to give some love to this toy to make it last for a long time. Do not wash this directly on running water to prevent it from early wear and tear. Just lightly damp clean cloth and wipe the exposed surface of the toy.

Leap into a great adventure, grab this toy now!


Color Black with red
Material PU Leather
Type Spanking Paddle
Dimension (inches)
Length: 12.6 in (32 cm)
Width: 5.20 in (13.21 cm)


Naughty Me Spanking Paddle

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