Hematite Eggs

Has your sex life begun to wane because you feel that he’s not as excited as before and doesn’t need you in bed the way he used to? What could have caused him to lose his sexual appetite? Perhaps your love hole no longer holds his mind and interest because it’s already stretchy, saggy, and loose. Make him long for it and get him hooked on making love with you again! Meet our Hematite Eggs, a collection featuring yoni eggs carved from natural stone to supercharge your Kegel workout.

Thousands of years ago in ancient China, empresses and concubines held the best-kept secret on how to heighten pleasure during sex not only for the emperor but most importantly, for themselves. Today, this secret is out in the open and many women have proven the amazing results of wearing a yoni egg during a Kegel exercise. With a yoni egg working inside, the right group of PC muscles is engaged to make sure that a weakened pelvic floor is rectified to resolve incontinence, prevent bladder prolapse, and increase the sensitivity of the vagina during intercourse. Vaginal muscles that are strong and dense have the gripping power that makes a man come back for more. Besides guaranteed sexual pleasure, putting a yoni egg inside a female’s delicate folds helps recovery after childbirth.

Yoni eggs aren’t only for reproductive health and sexual pleasure, but also for general well-being because they are carved from stones with healing properties just like our Hematite Eggs. Hematite is considered a grounding and protective stone. Anyone who owns it is gifted with courage, strength, endurance, and vitality. If you run out of creative juices, gently rub or simply touch an elegant piece (egg) of Hematite to boost your originality and focus. Having the ability to dissolve negativity and to protect you from absorbing others’ negativity, a Hematite egg should be carried around wherever you go.

Its iridescent reddish black color and silvery sheen have the power to cleanse your emotions by getting rid of anxiety, stress, and worry. Known to activate the Root Chakra, a piece of Hematite stone gives one a sense of stability and safety here on earth. Hematite is also great when it comes to healing the physical body because it purifies the blood and promotes better circulation. When you’re feeling sluggish, mentally and physically, use its positive energy to fill your energy centers with strength.  If you want to fully benefit from Hematite, then get a yoni egg carved from it.

Our collection of Hematite Eggs will work from the inside out. To enjoy your Kegel workouts with one of these amazing stones, don’t forget to sanitize your egg before and after use. You can wipe it with gauze doused in vodka or any hard liquor available at home. You can also wash it in warm soapy water then rinse it well under running water.

Before tucking it underneath your petals, meditate with it to call upon its power and be one with the process. Once in Zen, put it in and begin clenching the egg with your PC muscles. Relax every after five seconds in order not to strain those muscles.

After a few moons of yoni exercise, your man won’t be able to get his hands off you. He’d want you in bed again and again. Check out our featured Hematite eggs in this wonderful collection!