Hands Free Male Masturbators

How to Use Hands-Free Masturbators

Forget the chicken and the egg — here’s a real question for you. What’s older — sex or masturbation? Let’s hear you now, Aristotle! Let’s face it, despite what your priest might have told you, masturbation is a perfectly normal activity. It’s also the one that males especially enjoy. As the adult industry grew over time, sex toys for men have become more abundant. Now, there’s a wide variety of these sex toys that can provide intense orgasms your hand will be jealous of!

For instance, today, you can buy a fleshlight that’s a realistic replica of one of your favorite pornstars’ vaginas. They say it’ll feel just the same as having a night out with Lisa Ann. Well, it won’t — don’t ask how we know, but it’s still a fantastic buy!

Besides the fact that these toys make you feel more intense sensations, their ultimate goal is to simulate sex, be it oral sex, anal sex, or the Biblical one. Unfortunately, even if it’s a high-quality vibrating male toy with exciting features, it still can’t get around the fact that you still have to hold them. No matter what they look like, you will still stroke your penis with your hand. Unless, of course, you go for a traditional sex doll. So, is there a masturbator that gets rid of all the hassle of hand motion? Well, you’re in the right place!

What Is a Hands-Free Male Masturbator

How to cum without using your hand when there’s nobody else around? Is it possible? As you’ve probably guessed, yes, it is, thanks to hands-free masturbators. “What’s that?” we hear you ask. As the name suggests, it’s a device that allows you to achieve a hands-free orgasm. With this kind of masturbation, you wouldn't have to grip the device with your hand at all. The idea is to position it in such a way that you can insert your penis and pummel away without having to adjust it. In a way, you will be having sex with a plaything, instead of using it to masturbate.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy an expensive automatic masturbator. Quite the contrary — it mostly comes down to how you use the toys you have. For instance, you can already have a fleshlight you usually use. Well, you can now turn it into a cumming instrument with an adequate extension which you can enjoy without using your hand. There’s still some manual labor on your part, though, as you have to thrust yourself in and out of the toy, but without using your hand. This is especially handy if you’re into touching your other areas. It also better simulates sex, as you use your pelvic muscles to thrust up and down as you usually would during sex. And what’s the best of it all? There’s no conversation afterward!

What Makes It Hands-Free?

So what does it take for a regular masturbator to become a hands-free one? Well, as we’ve already said, it all comes down to how you place yourself or the device. The point is to adjust it in such a way that it sits firmly in place even once you start penetrating the poor thing. Additionally, you need to be able to approach it from the right angle. There are three common ways we do it, and that’s by using stands, suction cups, and stroking programs. We’ll talk in more detail about each one later.

For instance, let’s say you want a hands-free fleshlight that uses a mount. Essentially, all you need is a fleshlight (which you already have, wink, wink), with the addition of a shower mount. As for the fleshlight itself, it doesn’t differ, so you don’t have to buy a special one. As always, you have to consider your penis size (don’t buy a fleshlight that’s too tight or too wide). Aside from that, the material and your budget are other aspects you should consider, as well as buying some lube.


Basically, you can regard stands as a piece of furniture that just happened to have a hole inside. That hole just happens to be just the right size to put your masturbator in. The stand itself happens to be just the right height for you to lay over it. You get the idea…

There are various stands for your toys that can simulate different positions. For instance, Top Dog is one that will have you fuck your toys doggy style. Alternately, Fleshlight on a Mission is an excellent stand if you’re into missionary.

With these gadgets, you can experience different positions; however, diversity will be limited. Additionally, another potential drawback is that you need a flat surface to place the stand on. Hopefully, you don’t live on a mountain peak, but that can be a con for some people. Lastly, if you’re a shorter fella, Top Dog might not be your friend.

Suction Cups

Suction cups do what they do, even for fleshlights. You attach these to the other end of your toys. Then, you stick the toys to a wall and start humping away. With these, you don’t have to worry about your height like you have to with stands as you can adjust the toys' position manually. All you need is a wall.

Masturbators’ cups are the most common way you can turn your toys into hands-free ones. They are more practical than stands, although stands have a bit of a personality to them. But with the cups, you don’t have to worry about dimensional restrictions. Also, they’re smaller and easier to stash away.

One downside can be that most cups aren’t waterproof, so if you want to rub one out in the shower, that can be an issue. However, the best ones are indeed waterproof, so you can carry them anywhere. Just remember not to use water-based lube in the shower as it’ll quickly wear off.

Stroking Programs

Suction cups and stands are fantastic, but stroking programs are where the fun’s at. It just brings a whole different level to masturbation as it’s not only hands-free but also… muscle-free as well — let’s put it that way. Stroking programs still utilize suction cups and stands as a mounting service if you will. After all, you’ll still need a way to make your hand redundant. However, with stroking programs, you get automatic masturbators that do the thrusting job for you.

Using a hands-free toy with a stroking program is the next level. With those, you don’t have to hold them, and the toys themselves will mimic the thrusting motion. Depending on how advanced your gadget is, you can change the settings of your program. For instance, you might be able to pick how many strokes per minute you want to receive, select a stroking pattern, etc. It can be fantastic for couples as well, as you can let your partner decide how you masturbate.

These programs are also breathtaking if you’re into a different kind of orgasm. Prostate massagers can also be automatic, and you can let it do all the work on its own. That way, you don’t have to find yourself in an uncomfortable position, jabbing at your butt and thinking about your life choices.

How Fast Can They Go?

Let’s answer that question with a question: how fast do you want it to go? You can find some marvelous toys on the market if you’re ready to dish out a little more than usual. Some of these have over 30 different vibration patterns. On top of that, you have a wide variety of strokes per minute (spm) to choose from. Usually, these toys advertise 140 spm as their top speed, and that is something you should be happy with. However, if you look long enough, you’ll find automatic masturbators that reach 250 spm. To be honest, that’s completely ridiculous. The speed of 250 spm is virtually impossible to achieve during normal sex, and 140 spm is higher than people usually go during intercourse.

So yeah — they can go fast. But bear in mind that the speed shouldn’t be your defining factor. “The faster, the better” doesn’t necessarily apply here. Sure, when you’re about to cum, you want to ramp up those strokes, but switching between different speeds is how you become sensitive. Furthermore, there is such a thing as too fast. And if you place the device too tightly when it goes into overdrive, that’s just a nasty injury waiting to happen. So tread carefully.

The Best Hands-Free Masturbators

We’ve gone over what hands-free masturbators are and how you can use them. Still, don’t forget that these toys are no different from your normal toys when it comes to how you utilize them. Make sure you use quality, non-porous material that’s easy to clean and always use plenty of lube. Without it, there’ll be a lot of unwanted friction between the device and your Cyclops. Also make sure that the lubricant and your device are compatible (never use a silicone-based lube on silicone material). Finally, don’t be that guy who just leaves the device to dry; clean it immediately to avoid bacteria checking in and causing all sorts of problems.

Now, with the PSA over, let’s check out some of the best hands-free male masturbators on the market today. These picks are only our opinion, and it all comes down to personal preference in the end. So you’d be wise to do a bit of further research before you decide to buy a masturbator yourself. Here are our picks:

  • Launch
  • Quickshot Launch
  • Fleshlight on a Mission
  • Kiiroo Onyx 2
  • Stamina Training Unit
  • Autoblow AI
  • Autoblow 2+ XT
  • The Max 2
  • Cobra Libre II
  • Fuck Me Silly

Let’s check out each one!


Coming from Fleshlight (company name), Launch is an attachment that turns any fleshlight into a completely automatic masturbator. That way, the choice of the device itself is entirely up to you. Launch can go up to 180 spm, which is, as we’ve already said, a pretty insane speed.

Perhaps the best thing about this device is that it comes with an app (unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the app separately). You can sync it with VR and interactive porn videos to match the speed in the videos. The downside is that it’s only compatible with fleshlights, so if you have a different kind of a masturbator, you won’t be able to use it. Another drawback, unfortunately, is its steep price of $269.

Quickshot Launch

As you can assume by its name, Quickshot Launch is just a different version of the aforementioned Launch. This attachment comes from the same manufacturer and is made exclusively for fleshlights as well. Although it’s not as customizable, you can still access various settings. For instance, you can make the masturbator focus on the tip, the shaft, or the base of your penis. So if you’re into glans stimulation, Quickshot Launch will do it for you.

Alas, one limitation is that a session can only last up to 60 minutes (which can only be a problem if you’re a marathon enthusiast). However, the chances are that you won’t last that long since this device can even reach the speed of 250 spm! This extension is more affordable than our previous pick, coming in at $189, so you might be better off buying this quick pumper.

Fleshlight on a Mission

We mentioned this one when we talked about stands. As it’s punny name suggests, Fleshlight on a Mission is a stand (or a mount, if you will) that simulates the missionary position. This product is perfect for you to practice this classic guy-on-top position, as we all know that it requires a bit of core strength and stamina. There is quite a bit of work if you plan to reach an orgasm during missionary without switching things up. However, if you think about it, it’s a fantastic cardio workout, and your lady will love you for it.

Unlike Top Dog, this stand doesn’t care for your height since you’re going to be lying on top of it. With Fleshlight on a Mission, you’ll essentially be having sex with your plaything, which will also help you work on your natural positioning during intercourse. The stand itself is pretty small, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. However, that does mean they’ve had to sacrifice some chest support, so you’ll probably have to hold yourself up on your arms. The stand costs $169.

Kiiroo Onyx 2

Onyx 2 by Kiiroo is not just an attachment for your fleshlight but a toy in its own right. It has 6.5 inches of insertable space, so keep that in mind if you’re a big boy indeed. Inside the product, there are ten rings that can contract and expand around your penis. That way, it simulates what a real vagina would feel like during sex. Additionally, you can fully customize how these rings behave around your cock, i.e., you can select the speed at which they expand and contract. The drawback is that this attachment is not entirely hands-free, as you will have to hold it in place. However, the sensations this product causes are unparalleled.

Thanks to the moving rings, you can just place your penis inside, and you will orgasm without having to move an inch. Its top speed comes in at 140 spm, and you can even replace the sleeve. Unfortunately, it is on the pricier side as it costs $219. But if you’re willing to break the bank, this product will do you wonders.

Stamina Training Unit

Stamina Training Unit (STU) is another fleshlight by… Fleshlight. It’s been around for quite some time, and it’s gained popularity for how well it’s made. It's perfect to use if you’re struggling with premature ejaculation or if you want to build up your stamina in general. When you insert your penis, the device will simulate the pressure and the texture of a vagina. But it won’t stop there! Instead, it’ll cause more intense sensations on your penis, which makes it perfect for stamina training. Some fleshlight reviews claim that if you can last 10 minutes with the STU, you’ll be able to go double that during regular sex.

Normally, you can buy STU as a regular fleshlight that you’ll need to hold when using it. However, you can purchase it with a mount or stand attached to the other end, which makes it hands-free. The price of the STU is $69, and it’ll be quite a challenge to find a better masturbator in that price range.

Autoblow AI

As you’ve likely guessed, AI stands for artificial intelligence. Made by IndieGoGo, this machine comes with a power cord that you plug in, so there’s no battery involved. Once turned on, you place your penis inside it (from the top) and browse through the settings. You can adjust its speed, and there are nine preset “pleasure functions.” One of those is an edging feature, which will make your session last longer and help you build stamina.

The way the machine works is by inserting your penis inside a sleeve that simulates the sensation of a mouth. Then, there’s a penis gripper around it, which masturbates your penis. With the combination of the two, you’ll receive a “hyper-realistic” oral sex simulation. The machine itself is a bit bigger, and you might need to adjust to using it. But once you do, it’ll provide you with some incredible experience. Additionally, you can remove the sleeve, which makes the device super easy to clean. It is, however, quite costly, coming in at $259.

Autoblow 2+ XT

Although the name would suggest another IndieGoGo toy, this gadget comes from a manufacturer who ran a crowdfunding campaign for it. As the creator put it, toys are for boys, while men use appliances. And this really is more of an appliance than a toy. It’s a self-pleasure toy that has the same manufacturing standards as a fridge!

The machine is robust and not that easy to use, but they’ve built it to last, and it simulates a hassle-free blowjob. The manufacturer promises you’ll get 500+ hours of fun out of it without any visible wear and tear. It also utilizes a removable sleeve that you can clean easily. It contains a 5-arm bead system that can impersonate different sensations a tongue and throat can have on your penis. Overall this gadget is one of the most detailed blowjob simulator toys. And the best part is that it’s half the price of the original Autoblow AI — $126!

The Max 2

Made by Lovense, famous for liking to pair up their products with their phones, The Max 2 also has an app. With the app, you can control the speed and the vibration of this vagina stroker via your phone. That makes this toy the ultimate hands-free experience as you don’t even have to touch it to change the settings. There are two ways it can stimulate you — either by using a vibrating motor or air pumps. It’ll contract and expand around your penis to fully simulate a vagina. All you need to do is sit back and let your buddy enjoy the show.

If you don’t want to download the app for whatever reason, you can still access the settings on the toy itself. And what’s the price of it? Only $119!

Cobra Libre II

Cobra Libre II is an interesting one. It’s neither a vagina stroker nor a fleshlight. In fact, you can’t even use it on the entirety of your penis. Instead, this toy focuses exclusively on the glans. It’s small, and you can insert just the tip of your soldier. However, if you’re into stimulating your helmet, Cobra Libre II is the toy for you. There are 11 different patterns of vibrations, all specifically designed for the nerve endings in the tip. There’s also a two-button system and two motors that are surprisingly powerful. However, there’s a downside to it — the best practice is to move it around with your hand. You’ll have to spend $129 to get one of these babies.

Fuck Me Silly

Finally, we have Fuck Me Silly by Pipedream Extreme. If you think we’ve included this one just for its name, you’re only partially right!

Fuck Me Silly is a realistic “Mega Masturbator;” however, it’s not really a masturbator. In fact, it’s not even a toy if you look at it; it’s more like a sex doll. Or, better yet, just one part of it. Basically, it’s a cut-off doll torso that has an anus and a vagina. They use FantaFlesh and Cyberskin materials, which provide for an incredibly realistic experience. And if you incorporate a VR headset, you can get carried away and forget that you’re using a toy.

There’s no need to use your hand, and, after all, you won’t be masturbating — you’ll be fucking this toy. The only downside is that the cleanup process can be a bit messy. But when it comes to realism, you can’t get much better than Fuck Me Silly. This toy costs $349, which makes it the priciest on this list. But, if you have the money, it’ll be worth it!

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