Glass Eggs

Think you have lost your allure because your love hole has lost its gripping power? Bring back the sexy you with the help of one of our Glass Eggs! We are very happy to bring you resplendent, glittery, and shiny eggs that are meant to give your pleasure muscles strengthening and tightening!

Over time, women undergo physical changes, and one of these is their pelvic floor becoming weak. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that supports lower vital organs such as the bladder and the bowel. When these muscles become weak, urinary control, continence, and sexual function are affected. But fret no more! We have something in store to assist you in toning and strengthening these muscles so that you can regain PC muscle strength and have the sexual prowess you used to have.

We are proud to present to you our yoni eggs made of durable and elegant glass! Of course, this isn’t the ordinary glass material we encounter every day. If you look at the yoni eggs featured in our wonderful collection of Glass Eggs, you will know that these are made of glass with healing properties.

One of which is the glittery goldstone that is believed to give holistic healing. Goldstone, with its conspicuous luster and glitter, is called the “ambition stone” because it can enhance your drive and confidence to do what it takes to fulfill your dreams.

Like the sky full of stars, the Goldstone got its shimmery luster from the combined Quartz and sand glass peppered with copper particles. The “stars” we see on Goldstone are a constant reminder that in darkness, we shall find light. So, when you’re feeling down and think you’ve lost your motivation to pursue your dreams, you’ll always find inspiration and light from this stone.

In this collection, we also feature an elegant crystal ball carved from a natural crystal also replete with healing wonders. This ball-shaped egg comes with a stylish stand so that it can be displayed on your nightstand or anywhere close to you.

Yoni eggs have been around for many centuries and they were first used by empresses and concubines of ancient China in order to maintain the tightness of their vagina. These women knew that such tightness would ensure pleasure during sex, hence the yoni egg practice was born. Today, yoni eggs have gained popularity because they have been proven to be effective not only in making the pelvic and vaginal muscles strong but also in bringing well-being to the one who owns it and uses it for a Kegel exercise.

To use one of these eggs during your Kegel workout, make sure to give it a thorough sanitizing before it even goes underneath your delicate folds. One way to do it is by dousing a gauze with vodka or any hard alcohol then use this to wipe the egg. Others like washing their eggs with mild soap and rinsing it under warm, running water.

Don’t just simply accept the effects of aging when there is a sure way to combat them. Check out our Glass collection and we're sure you'll find the one that's meant for your yoni!