Spiral Dagger Glass Prostate Massager
Spiral Dagger Glass Prostate Massager
Spiral Dagger Glass Prostate Massager
Spiral Dagger Glass Prostate Massager

Spiral Dagger Glass Prostate Massager

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Harness the power of having maximum sexual satisfaction. Feel happy and healthy by getting your regular dose of dopamine and endorphins.

Experience multiple orgasms in just one sesh by using our Spiral Dagger Glass Prostate Massager.

If the wood elves from middle earth fancy some backdoor magic, their wands will most likely look like this massager. With this weapon's crystal-like facade, you'll always look forward to some mystical walnut-popping session.

It features a swirling and sparkling shaft with a tapered tip for a playful insertion. Let this screw your backdoor until your head spin. Just a few more inches deep into your ass, and you'll hit the jackpot, or should we say, your P-spot.

Indeed, this nut-sized gland is like a treasure chest of orgasms. Unlike your usual climax, experiencing prostatic orgasm doesn't have a refractory period. And that only means you can experience a mind-blowing ejaculation, one after the other. How explosive does that sound?

That's not all, because this magical dagger has more to offer. With just a few minutes under icy or hot water, you can experience temperature play. That means you can use this glistening tool warm or cold. And because it's glass, it will not harbor nasty and infection-causing bacteria.

But before shoving this into your rectum the moment you get it, here are some safety precautions you must remember. Lube is a must! But lucky for you, glass toys aren't picky with their kind of lube. You can use any lube of your choosing.

Apply lots of it through the massager and your rectum. Proper hygiene and sanitation are also imperative. You've got lots of options in sanitizing this secret weapon. You can use a sex toy cleaner, warm soapy water, and even your dishwasher. Lastly, be mindful of where you will store it. Keep it safely in a place where it won't possibly roll or fall.

Bring out the magic by using this unicorn-horn prostate pleaser! Add this to your cart now!


Color Transparent
Material Glass
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A