Glass Ben Wa Balls

Has sex become less enjoyable and enticing? Has your libido continued to decline? Rejuvenate and refresh your vagina! That’s right, you can make your love hole as fresh as before with the help of a Ben Wa ball. A Ben Wa ball is used as a tool during Kegel exercises to strengthen and tone the pelvic muscles, which, in turn, will intensify sexual pleasure, resolve incontinence issues, and eliminate the risks of bladder or uterine prolapse.

The vagina is the center of a woman’s carnal pleasure; it is also instrumental to procreation. This part of a woman’s body is truly remarkable and precious. However, like a flower that withers when it is past its prime, the pleasure hole also ages with time, losing its firmness and natural lubrication. The pelvic floor is composed of vital muscles that support lower vital organs and is responsible for making sex incredibly delightful. This, too, is weakened during pregnancy and childbirth. Fortunately, there are Ben Wa balls to rescue and reinvigorate the pelvic and vaginal walls for a better health condition and greater sexual bliss. Luckily, too, we have a collection of glass Ben Wa balls for Kegel enthusiasts!

When you have done your Kegel training with Ben Wa balls made of plastic, silicone, and metal and they seem to have lost their appeal, glass spheres are a great option as they are seamlessly smooth and elegant. Each Ben Wa ball in the collection is made of special glass that is durable and can be treasured for a lifetime if they are used and handled properly. Choose transparent or colored depending on what appeals to your refined taste. The beauty of a transparent glass Ben Wa Ball is that it gives your partner the chance to have a glimpse of what’s inside your delicate petals. Being able to see through the hole could be a complete turn on for your guy and might want to pounce you right there and then! If you prefer colored glass balls to add playfulness and flavor to your workout, you’re in luck as we have them in red, yellow, blue, and black. Bring in a beautiful flower inside your delicate lady part as we have a crystal-clear glass with a 3-dimensional flower in it.

Should you prefer them with retrieval cords, we have great options. Some of our glass beads come with removable silicone harness or pods, allowing thorough cleaning and ease of sanitizing. Since you can remove the beads from their pods, you have the option to use them on their own without having to rely on a retrieval cord when it’s time to remove. We also have a glass orb that comes with a metal chain to make your workout extra challenging. If you’re already an expert, this is a great choice as you can add weight to the loop for optimum strengthening and toning of pleasure muscles. Included in our collection are glass balls without removal string. You should give this a try to see how much control you have over your muscles.

Made for the pleasure seeker and sex explorers, including those who want to attain optimal tightness for the most sublime orgasms, these glass Ben Wa balls will make your workout worth your while and your sexcapades thrilling!

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