Foreskin Protection Glans Ring Set 2-Pcs
Foreskin Protection Glans Ring Set 2-Pcs
Foreskin Protection Glans Ring Set 2-Pcs
Foreskin Protection Glans Ring Set 2-Pcs
Foreskin Protection Glans Ring Set 2-Pcs

Mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere, even while having hot sex. You know what they say—accident doesn’t just arrive with a bell on its neck. It would be best if you are well-versed enough to prevent it from happening. So, protect your penis, particularly the head, with this Foreskin Protection Glans Ring Set 2-Pcs.

The penis head is not only the most sensitive but also the most vulnerable part of your manhood. Oh yes, it can even get a cut during rough sex. Yikes! But don’t worry; by wearing these rings, you’ll be giving your foreskin the protection it deserves. You’ll also experience different benefits of wearing a c-ring such as a long-lasting boner, a slightly bigger penis, and delayed ejaculation.
All these are possible with these two tiny buddies.

The set comes in two different flesh hoops: a ring and a cover. To wear each, slide the ring first on the head and then add the lid after. The coating tightens the grip for more sexual invigoration. In addition to that, the rim of the ring comes in 0.39 inch of thickness. It has a diameter of 1.10 inches. The cover, on the other hand, comes in free size.

Furthermore, the base material used to produce this set is silicone. It is soft, flexible, and skin-friendly. What more can you ask for, right?

Can you use these while having sex? Of course! The rings are both tight enough not to fall off while you pound your partner. Are you adding some lube for a smoother glide? Go! Just make sure to use a water-based lubricant to avoid deformation on these toys.

The golden rule in using sex toys is to clean them thoroughly before and after usage. This rule is to maintain its best quality and, of course, to keep you safe from infection-causing bacteria. Wash this set with warm water and gentle soap. Pat and dry them all before storing them.

This set is selling fast. Hurry! Grab yours now!

Color/Type Flesh
Material Silicone
Dimension Height:
Ring 0.39 inch (1 cm)
Glans Ring: 1.73 inches (4.4cm) 

Width: N/A
Ring: 1.10 inches (2.8cm)
Glans ring: 1.57 inches (4cm)


Foreskin Protection Glans Ring Set 2-Pcs

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