Geisha Balls

Ever wonder why Ben Wa balls are synonymous to geisha balls? According to history, these balls started from Japan around 500 AD. They were used by geishas and courtesans to give their prominent male clients sublime carnal pleasures to entice them to go back to them for more. Housewives also wore these balls as they busied themselves with house chores, which gradually heightened their sexual arousal, making themselves ready to make love when their husbands got home. During that time, geisha balls were made of multiple metal-covered balls which were connected together with a fine chain; attached on the other end was a silk string for easy retrieval. They contained mercury inside, which caused subtle yet pleasurable sensations.

Today, the traditional geisha ball has evolved but it still aims to target the same goals: build up sexual arousal, tighten the vagina for incredible orgasmic bliss, plus added health benefits. The geisha balls you see today are made of different materials—silicone, ABS, glass, and metal. Mercury is already replaced with a smaller, weighted metal ball that freely rolls and knocks on the walls of the external ball, creating vibrations that stimulate the muscles to contract. These vibrations also serve as a reward for the wonderful sensations they bring.

Modern women use geisha balls primarily to improve their sexual pleasure and performance in bed by tightening their vaginal walls and strengthening their pelvic muscles. With strong vaginal muscles, you can give your man’s dick a powerful grip that will take him to the brink of ecstasy. Women who have poor bladder control due to childbirth and pregnancy are advised to do Kegels with geisha balls to strengthen their weakened pelvic floor as well.

The geisha balls in our collection come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and playful colors.  Surprisingly, we also have geisha balls whose vibration modes and frequencies are customized using a remote control. We are happy to say that all of our products come with retrieval strings to make removal easy. However, if you wish to use your balls without a string because you have control over your muscles, you’ll find our sets of balls that come with a silicone harness great options because you can easily remove the balls. With this feature, you can easily clean the balls together with their harness; also, interchanging the balls to gradually increase the weight of your Kegel tool is made convenient.

When manufacturing our products, your pleasure is our utmost concern without compromising your comfort and safety. We have ensured that each ball has a smooth surface and seamless, ergonomic design. They are made of premium materials—silicone, stainless steel, ABS, and glass. All these materials are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Since they are non-porous, they are easy to clean, making bacteria build up impossible. Remember not to use silicone lube on a silicone-made ball as this will degrade the quality of your Kegel tool.

Want to make sure that you’re doing your Kegel workout right and not simply wasting your time? Insert a geisha ball in your vagina and the right muscles will be engaged.  Tighten it because it’s your source of carnal bliss. Take your time and explore our collection, and before you know it, you’ll be adding not just one but more into your cart!