Inflatable Girlfriend: Blow Up Sex Doll
Inflatable Girlfriend: Blow Up Sex Doll
Inflatable Girlfriend: Blow Up Sex Doll
Inflatable Girlfriend: Blow Up Sex Doll

Buying your very first sex doll can be a bit complicated. The overwhelming number of great sex dolls in the market is just going to burn you out! You will have to choose something unique yet very accommodating to your needs and open to all your sexy plans for her.

How about trying out the Inflatable Girlfriend: Blow Up Sex Doll? She is perfect for beginners as she is pretty and very easy to play with. This gal is made of high-quality PVC and Medical Silica Gel, two materials boasting lasting durability. You will also feel comfortable caressing and giving her all your love as these materials are soft to touch, just like actual human skin. She has fantastic breasts that you can caress. Move her body according to your preferred sex positions. Her body is yours and yours alone for the taking.

To enjoy her fully, you have set her up by filling her up with air manually or with a mechanical air pump. It also means you can bring her anywhere you want to.

As a partner, you can dress her up according to the occasion. A casual shirt and jeans for the day and some lingerie for the night, you are the master! Giving her some time to be cleaned is essential if you want to keep her in perfect condition. Keep her polished with some dab of soapy water and keep her dry, away from direct sunlight.

This could be the partner you have been looking for. Give her all your attention. Add her to your purchase today!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: PVC; Medical Silica Gel
Dimension Body measurements:
Height: 62.99 inches (160 cm)
Weight: N/A

Inflatable Girlfriend: Blow Up Sex Doll

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